GK Quiz – 19 August 2012

2271 Who was the flag bearer of the Indian team at the London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony?
  A) Leander Paes
  B) Sushil Kumar
  C) Mahesh Bhupati
  D) Vijendar Singh
2272 Which country has been recently given the “Major Non-NATO Ally” status by USA?
  A) Afghanistan
  B) Pakistan
  C) Pakistan
  D) Saudi Arabia
2273 Which Indian auto company has faced labor unrest and violence recently in one of its plan at Maneshar?
  A) Tata Motors
  B) Maruti Suzuki
  C) Ashok Leyland
  D) None of these
2274 Which Indian Scientist worked with Einstein to discover the God Particle- Higgs Boson?
  A) S. N. Bose
  B) Meghnath Saha
  C) C V Raman
  D) None of these
2275 Barclay’s bank CEO, who has resigned after the LIBOR scandal?
  A) Marcus Agius
  B) Marissa Mayer
  C) Bob Diamond
  D) None of these
2276 Who has been appointed as the new CEO of Yahoo?
  A) Fred Amoroso
  B) Marissa Mayer
  C) Ross Levinsohn
  D) Scott Thompson
2277 Who has been appointed as the new director of IBPS?
  A) Anup Sankar Bhattacharya
  B) C.R. Sundaramurti
  C) Sushil Muhnot
  D) Jawahar Thakur
2278 Who has taken over as the new director of “Indian Space Research Organisation Satellite Centre (ISAC)” recently?
  A) T. K. Alex
  B) S. K. Shivakumar
  C) Sushil Muhnot
  D) None of these
2279 Which new stock exchange got the final approval from SEBI to be the third national stock exchange for equity trading after BSE and NSE?
  A) Kolkata Stock Exchange
  C) Commodity Exchange
  D) None of these
2280 “World Hepatitis Day” was observed on?
  A) 15th July
  B) 18th July
  C) 25th July
  D) 28th July


Answers will be published tomorrow…

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  1. GK Quiz – 19 August 2012 Answers………

    2271 Ans) Sushil Kumar
    2272 Ans) Afghanistan
    2273 Ans) Maruti Suzuki
    2274 Ans) S. N. Bose
    2275 Ans) Bob Diamond
    2276 Ans) Marissa Mayer
    2277 Ans) Anup Sankar Bhattacharya
    2278 Ans) S. K. Shivakumar
    2279 Ans) MCX-SX
    2280 Ans) 28th July

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