Famous Terms/Days/Events – II Answers

16 On which day of the week is the general election traditionally held in Great Britian? Ans) Thursday
17 World Health Day is celebrated every year on Ans) 7th April
18 Which day is observed as the International day for the preservation of the ozone layer? Ans) 16th September
19 The ‘PUBLIC SECTOR DAY’ was celebrated first time on Ans) 11th April 2010
20 When is the World Heart Day celebrated? Ans) Last Sunday of September
21 On which day, the world first Statistics Day was celebrated? Ans)  October 20, 2010
22 World Consumer Day is celebrated throughout the world on Ans) March 15
23 According to election commission of India, national voters day is observed on Ans) 25 jan
24 Which date has been observed as World Human Rights Day? Ans)December 10th
25 National Youth Day is observed on Ans) January 12
26 World Food Day’ is observed on Ans) 16 October
27 Which date is observed as the World Press Freedom Day? Ans) May3
28 Which of the following days was observed as International Museum Day2011? Ans) 18 May
29 International Day for Tolerance is observed on Ans) November 16
30 Army Day is observed on Ans) 15th January


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