Famous Terms/Days/Events – I Answers

1 When is World Environment Day celebrated? Ans) 5th June
2 World Health Day is celebrated every year on Ans) 7th April
3 Full form of SIM used inMobile Ans) Subscriber Identity Module
4 On which date recently International Women’s Day was observed? Ans) March 8
5 Earth Day is observed on Ans) April 22
6 On which date is Nobel Prize awarded? Ans) December 10
7 Which of the followingUSSenators founded “Earth Day “? Ans) Gaylord Nelson
8 World Health Day is celebrated on Ans) 7th April
9 The year 2010 has been declared by UNESCO as: Ans) International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures.
10 The world day against Child Labour is celebrated on Ans)12th June
11 When is the Earth Day celebrated? Ans) April 22
12 The year 2011 was declared by the United Nations as the International Year of Ans)Forests
13 The year 2009 has been declared by UNESCO: Ans) International Year of Astronomy
14 World Environment Day is observed on Ans) 5th June
15 When is the Commonwealth Day celebrated? Ans) Second Monday of March every year

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