Famous Persons died in 2011

Sl No.Name (Age)Famous ForDate of Death (in 2011)
1Amy Winehouse 27Singer-songwriter23rd July
2Bhimsen Joshi 88Indian Classical singer  (Bharat Ratna in 2008)24th January
3Bhupen Hazarika 85Indian Famous Singer5th November
4Christopher Hitchens 62Author and Journalist15th December
5Dev Anand 88India's evergreen actor and Superstar3rd December
6Elizabeth Taylor,79Hollywood Actress23rd March
7Gautam Rajadhyaksha 61Photographer13th September
8Hargobind Khorana 89Biochemist and Novel Prize winner9th November
9Jack Kevorkian 83Dr Death, First Death Counsellor3rd June.
10Jagjit Singh 69Indian Ghazal singer10th October
11Jehangir Sabavala 89Painter2nd September
12Joe Frazier 67World champion boxer7th November
13Kim Jong-il 70North KoreasDear Leader17th December
14Mak Pataudi 70Indian cricket captain22nd September
15Mani Kaul 76Indian Film-maker6th July
16Mario Miranda 85Famous Cartoonist11th December
17Mf Husain 95Famous Painter9th January
18Muammar Gaddafi 69Libyan dictator20th October
19Osama Bin Laden 54Terror mastermind and founder of terrorist group Al-Qaeda2nd May
20Pc Alexander 90Famous Indian Politician10th August
21Pete Postlethwaite 64HollywoodActor2nd January
22Salman Taseer 66Businessman and Politician (Pakistan)4th January
23Satyadev Dubey 75Theatre personality25th December
24Shammi Kapoor 80Indian Movie legend and actor14th August
25Shrilal Shukla 85Hindi Writer28th October
26Sidney Lumet 86Hollywoodfamous Film-maker9th April
27Socrates 57Brazilian footballer4th December
28Steve Jobs 56The world-s greatest CEO, Apple5th October
29Sultan Khan 71Indian Famous Sarangi player27th November
30Vaclav Havel 75Former Czech President18th December