Daily Practice Quiz Published in July 2012

GK Questions
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1831Which Company has recently invested in media group TV 18?
A) Reliance
B) Tata
C) Aditya Birla Group
D) Godrej
1832Which Country is the world's largest producer and exporter of uranium?
A) Australia
B) Kazakhstan
C) China
D) France
1833Who has been conferred -The Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun' title by Japan recently?
A) Mukesh Ambani
B) Ratan Tata
C) Adi Godrej
D) Anand Mahindra
1834Who is the Chairman and MD of General Insurance Corporation (GIC)?
A) Mr. Mangu Singh
B) Smt. Rita Menon
C) Harsh Pati Singhania
D) Ashok Kumar Roy
1835Who is the new President of International Chamber of Commerce India (ICC India)?
A) Mr. Mangu Singh
B) Harsh Pati Singhania
C) Smt. Rita Menon
D) M. Rafeeque Ahmed
1836Who is the Chairman & MD of India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO)?
A) Smt. Rita Menon
B) Harsh Pati Singhania
C) M. Rafeeque Ahmed
D) Mr. Mangu Singh
1837Who is the Secretary General of SAARC ?
A) Herman Van Rompuy
C) Ahmad Saleem
1838Who is the President of the European Council?
C) Ahmad Saleem
D) Herman Van Rompuy
1839Who is the President of the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO)?
A) Smt. Rita Menon
B) Harsh Pati Singhania
C) Mr. Mangu Singh
D) M. Rafeeque Ahmed
1840Who is Delhi Metro Rail Corporation 's new MD?
A) Smt. Rita Menon
B) Harsh Pati Singhania
C) Mr. Mangu Singh
D) M. Rafeeque Ahmed
1841Who is the CEO of Prasar Bharti?
A) Jawhar Sircar
B) Harsh Pati Singhania
C) Mr. Mangu Singh
D) M. Rafeeque Ahmed
1842Who is Chairperson of the National Film Development Corporation?
A) Yash Chopra
B) Shyam Benegal
C) Ramesh Sippy
D) Subhas Ghai
1843Who is the General president of the Indian Science Congress?
A) Pranab Mukherjee
B) Manmohan Singh
C) Abdul Kalam
D) Kapil Sibal
1844Who is the President of Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM)?
A) Vinod Rai
B) DK Mittal
C) Rajkumar Dhoot
D) R.V. Kanoria
1845Who is the President of FICCI ?
A) Vinod Rai
B) DK Mittal
C) Rajkumar Dhoot
D) R.V. Kanoria
1846Who is Director of RBI's central board?
A) Vinod Rai
B) DK Mittal
C) Rajkumar Dhoot
D) R.V. Kanoria
1847Who is the President of Asian organisation of the Institution of the Accountants General (ASOASI) ?
A) Vinod Rai
B) DK Mittal
C) Rajkumar Dhoot
D) R.V. Kanoria
1848Which PSU has recently acquired 51% stake in Bharti Axa Mutual Fund?
A) Bank of India
B) State bank of India
C) Punjab National Bank
D) Bank of Baroda
1849World Red Cross day observed on?
A) 4th May
B) 8th May
C) 18th May
D) 14th May
18503 Northeastern Indian states will have its own high courts. Which state is not there in the list of those 3 states?
A) Manipur
B) Tripura
C) Meghalaya
D) Nagaland
1851Where in India "Veer Bharat Premises", a unique museum dedicated to Indian heroes will be setup?
A) Indore
B) Jaipur
C) Bhopal
D) Nagpur
1852Which bank has is ranked 2nd most profitable public sector bank in terms of annual profit for the fiscal year 2011-12?
A) Bank of India
B) Central Bank
C) Punjab National Bank
D) Bank of Baroda
1853In which state India's first 2MW solar power plant started functioning?
A) Gujarat
B) Uttar Pradesh
C) Maharashtra
D) Madhya Pradesh
1854Which Indian who became the youngest to win Asian Chess Championship?
A) Parimarjan Negi
B) Srinath Narayanan
C) Sahaj Grover
D) Pendyala Harikrishna
1855Which Asian country was invited by NATO to Chicago summit 2nd day with focus on Afghanistan?
A) India
B) Pakistan
C) Iran
D) Iraq
1856Which football club won the 2012 English Premier League Championship after 44 years?
A) Manchester United
B) Liverpool
C) Manchester city
D) Chelsea
1857President of which country has been fined USD 17,000 by its electoral authorities for urging his Facebook followers on polling day to vote for him?
A) Thailand
B) Taiwan
C) Malaysia
D) Indonesia
1858Bharti Airtel tied-up with which bank recently for mobile banking services?
A) Axis Bank
C) HDFC Bank
D) YES Bank
1859What value of swap facility has RBI set up for SAARC nations?
A) USD 1.5 Billion
B) USD 1 Billion
C) USD 2 Billion
D) USD 750 Million
1860Which Mobile E-commerce App was acquired by Facebook recently?
A) Karma
B) Yammer
C) Slideshare
D) None of These
1861Whichglobal automotive majors announced its decision to divest 30% stake in an engine company in Iran?
A) General Motors
B) Daimler
C) Toyota
D) Ford
1862Who won the Pulitzer Prize for the year 2010 for feature writing?
A) Gene Weingarten
B) Kathleen Parker
C) Tod Robberson
D) Kathleen Parker
1863Which of the following development programmes has recently been launched by the Government of India to achieve the goal of universalisation of secondary education (USE)?
A) Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY)
B) Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna
C) Aam Admi Bima Yojana (AABY)
D) Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA)
1864Which international organization has appointed a three-member independent panel to probe the assassination of Pakistan's Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto?
A) United Nations
B) Interpol
C) Red Cross
D) Scotland Yard
1865Who was the winner of IPL 2009?
A) Mumbai Indians
B) Deccan Chargers
C) Kolkatta Knight Riders
D) Kings XI Punjab
1866James Fenimore Cooper is the author of?
A) Around the World in Eighty Days
B) Uncle Tom's Cabin
C) The Grapes of Wrath
D) The Last of the Mohicans
1867In which year was India-s first paperless newspaper -The News Today- launched?
A) 2001
B) 1999
C) 2005
D) 2000
1868William Jones cup is associated with which of the following games?
A) Baseball
B) Volleyball
C) Tennis
D) Basketball
1869Costantino Rocca is associated with which of the following sports?
A) Golf
B) Tennis
C) Volleyball
D) Basketball
1870Which was the first Indian newspaper?
A) The Times of India
B) The Bengal Gazette
C) NavBharat Times
D) The Telegraph
1871China is building a hydropower project on the river
A) Brahmaputra
B) Tapi
C) Beas
D) Ravi
1872Who was named -Wisden Cricketer of the Year- for the second time in a row in 2010?
A) Sachin Tendulkar
B) Virender Sehwag
C) Ricky Ponting
D) Adam Gilchrist
1873Who is referred to as the -gentleman of Indian politics?-
A) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
B) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
C) Jawaharlal Nehru
D) Mahatma Gandhi
1874Who has been appointed the new chairman of the National Commission for Farmers?
A) Ms Sushma Swaraj
B) Dr. M. S. Swaminathan
C) K. C. Pant
D) Sharad Pawar
1875What is the old name for Indonesia?
A) Batavia
B) Dutch Guiana
C) Dutch East Indies
D) Loro See
1876How many stock exchanges are there in India?
A) 19
B) 22
C) 23
D) 24
1877Who became the first Asian to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2000 for her book "Interpreter of Maladies?"
A) Kiran Desai
B) Arvind Adiga
C) Arundhati Roy
D) Jhumpa Lahiri
1878What is the study of fingerprints called?
A) Graphology
B) Botany
C) Dactyloscopy
D) Biology
1879__________ is the national flower of China
A) Tree Peony
B) Rose
C) Lily
D) Daffodil
1880What does APEC stand for?
A) Asia-Pacific Economic Consulate
B) Asia-Pacific Economic Climate
C) Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation
D) Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
1881Which Indian Telecom Company has acquired the African assets of Kuwaiti telecom company Zain for $ 10.7 billion?
A) Idea
B) Reliance
C) Vodafone
D) Bharti Airtel
1882Which country does not have the rupee as its currency?
A) Indonesia
B) Bangladesh
C) India
D) Sri Lanka
1883Which airline is the official umpire partner of the IPL tournament 2010?
A) Kingfisher Airlines
B) Indigo
C) Spicejet
D) None of the above
1884Who is the current US Treasury Secretary?
A) Timothy Geithner
B) Paul Krugman
C) Nancy Pelosi
D) Alan Greenspan
1885Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, China's largest private-run car maker bought _________ for $1.8 billion.
A)  Ford Motor-s Volvo Unit
B) Chrysler-s Caravan minivan
C) GM-s Hummer
D) Tata Motors- Jaguar brand
1886Which American engineer, entrepreneur and medical doctor designed the first commercially successful personal computer in 1975 and is most often known as the father of the personal computer?
A) Michael Dell
B) Howard Hughes
C) Adam Osborne
D) H Edward Roberts
1887Who is the author of -My Experiments with Truth-?
A) Jawaharlal Nehru
B) Rabindranath Tagore
C) Mahatma Gandhi
D) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
1888Which of the following Asian countries is referred to as -Nippon- ?
A) Japan
B) South Korea
C) China
D) Malaysia
1889Which is the largest pyramid in the world?
A) The Pyramid of Khafre
B) The Great Pyramid of Cholula, Mexico.
C) The Bosnian Pyramid
D) The Great Pyramid of Giza
1890The Prince of Wales Cup is associated with which of the following games?
A) Tennis
B) Golf
C) Badminton
D) Volley ball
1891With which of the following international aviation majors has Spanish Airline Iberia inked a merger deal to form one of the largest airline groups in the world?
A) US Airways
B) Air France- KLM
C) British Airways
D) Lufthansa
1892Name the controversial film which was directed by Shekhar Kapur and was banned by the Indian authorities in 1994
A) Bandit Queen
B) The Guru
C) The Four Feathers
D) Elizabeth
1893Which of the following Indian states was separated from Bengal on April 1, 1912
A)  Manipur
B) Orissa
C) Assam
D) Bihar
1894__________ Ocean is also called the -Herring Pond-
A) Indian
B) Atlantic
C) Pacific
D) Artic
1895_________ is the National bird of India
A) Greater Flamingo
B) Indian Roller
C) Peacock
D) Asian Koel
1896The Ochterlony Monument was built in 1848 by Sir David Ochterlony to commemorate his victory in the Nepal War (1814 - 1816). What was it renamed as after India achieved independence?
A) Victory Tower
B) Qutub Minar
C) Shaheed Minar
D) Char Minar
1897Who is the author of "Twilight"?
A) Stephanie Meyer
B) Stephen King
C) Mary Higgins Clark
D) J K Rowling
1898__________ award is annually conferred for outstanding contribution to public service, community leadership, journalism, literature, creative arts and international understanding
A) Right Livelihood
B) Pulitzer
C) The Golden Peacock
D) Magsaysay
1899What does WMO stand for
A) Windows Mobile Organisation
B) World Mimicry Organisation
C) World Meteorological Organisation
D) World Mobile Organisation
1900Which foreign influence is seen in the rock cut architecture of India?
A) Arabic
B) Persian
C) Indo-European
D) Greek
1901__________ is the highest gallantry award in India
A) Shaurya Chakra
B) Ashok Chakra
C) Maha Vir Chakra
D) Param Vir Chakra
1902Shakespeare's character named "Beatrice" appears in which play?
A) The Tempest
B) Othello
C) A Midsummer Night's Dream
D) Much Ado About Nothing
1903Which is the largest country with only one time zone.
A) Canada
B) Argentina
C) Sudan
D) China
1904The permanent secretariat of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is located at _____________
A) Pokhara
B) Kathmandu
C) Bhaktapur
D) Patan
1905Koraput is related to which of the following industry.
A) Aeroplane
B) Ship Building
C) Iron and Steel
D) Electric Locomotives
1906__________ is known as the father of English poetry
A) John Keats
B) John Milton
C) Geoffrey Chaucer
D) Walt Whitman
1907 ________ is a professional sport in Thailand
A) Soccer
B) Boxing
C) Football
D) Kite flying
1908Which country has 13 months in a year?
A) Ethiopia
B) Estonia
C) East Timor
D) Eritrea
1909-The Gathering-, written by Anne Wright won the Man Booker Prize in the year
A) 2006
B) 2007
C) 2005
D) 2009
1910Jeff Bezos is the founder of which of the following websites?
A) Ebay.com
B) Overstock.com
C) Kidsreads.com
D) Amazon.com
1911In which year were banks in India nationalized?
A) 1969
B) 1980
C) 1985
D) 1978
1912In which state is Jawahar Tunnel located?
A) Himachal Pradesh
B) Uttaranchal
C) Goa
D) Jammu and Kashmir
1913The ________ nerve is related to the sense of smell in the human body
A) Olfactory
B) Optic
C) Cranial
D) Sciatic
1914Thumba in Kerala is famous of..?
A) It has several industries
B) It is a rocket launching station
C) It is a harbour
D) It has an international airport
1915Asia's largest residential university?
A) Banaras Hindu University
B) The Utkal University
C) Jawaharlal Nehru University
D) Anna University
1916Who defeated Belgium-s Justine Henin to win the women-s singles title for the fifth time and her 12th Grand Slam title?
A) Monica Seles
B) Jesse Levine
C) Venus Williams
D) Serena Williams
1917Who is the author of "Indian War of Independence"?
A) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
B) V.D.Savarkar
C) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
D)  Deve Gowda
1918Kangra valley is in which of the following Indian states?
A) Himachal Pradesh
B) Uttar Pradesh
C) Madhya Pradesh
D) Arunachal Pradesh
1919Mein Kampf is the autobiography of __________
A) Che Guevara
B) Mario Adorf
C) Adolf Hitler
D) Madam Curie
1920_________ is the study of fungus and fungi diseases
A) Seismology
B) Etiology
C) Zoology
D) Mycology
1921_________ is India-s first indigenously built super computer
A) Param
B) Eka
C) Blizzard
D) Blue Gene Watson
1922Who was the first Muslim invader of India?
A) Mohd. Bin Kasim
B) Mahmud Ghazni
C) Kutubuddin Aibak
D) Mohammed Gori
1923Which is the world-s principal producer of soyabean followed by Brazil and China?
A) Japan
B) The Philippines
D) Poland
1924The Right To Information (RTI) act came into force in __________
A) 1995
B) 1998
C) 2000
D) 2005
1925Tiananmen Square is in which of the following countries?
A) Singapore
B) China
C) Burma
D) Romania
1926Which wild life sanctuary in Rakasthan is recently included in the world heritage list
A) Bharatpur
B) Sariska
C) Mount Abu
D) Ranthambore
1927Which relates to fish farming
A) Orange revolution
B) Red revolution
C) Green revolution
D) Blue revolution
1928Which article of the Indian constitution declares Hindi as the official language?
A) Article 344
B) Article 341
C) Article 343(1)
D) Article 351
1929What is the minimum age to become a member of the Lok Sabha?
A) 35
B) 21
C) 30
D) 25
1930Which was made the 25th state of the Indian republic as per the constitution act 1987
A) Tamil Nadu
B) Mizoram
C) Goa
D) Punjab
1931What is the old name of Taiwan?
A) Batavia
B) Sam
C) Basutoland
D) Formosa
1932Which is the union territory of India that has a legislature?
A) Dadra and Nagar Haveli
B) Daman and Diu
C) Lakshadweep
D) Pondicherry
1933Which state was formed as the 24th state of India as per the constitution 55th amendment act, 1987?
A) Himachal Pradesh
B) Uttar Pradesh
C) Arunachal Pradesh
D) Madhya Pradesh
1934Where is the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) located?
A) Vienna
B) Salzburg
C) Sydney
D) Albury
1935Which prime minister of India is the only Indian to have received the highest civilian awards from both India and Pakistan, the Bharat Ratna and Nishaan-e-Pakistan?
A) Gulzarilal Nanda
B) Morarji Desai
C) Charan Singh
D) Rajiv Gandhi
1936Who is the CEO of Google?
A) Terry Semel
B) Eric. E.Schmidt
C) Steve Ballmer
D) Vittoria Colao
1937The science of the enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code is called
A) Cryptanalysis
B) Cryptosystem
C) Ciphertext
D) Cryptology
1938Which is the parliament of Sweden
A) Liblandla
B) Staten
C) Riksdag
D) Storting
1939Who is the author of Discovery of India?
A) Jawaharlal Nehru
B) A P J Abdul Kalam
C) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
D) Indira Gandhi
1940Which city in Madhya Pradesh is called the -Detroit of India-?
A) Pachor
B) Panna
C) Porsa
D) Pithampur
1941Who is known as the father of genetics?
A) Gregor Mendel
B) Adam Smith
C) Dr. Vinton Cerf
D) Archimedes
1942Who is the first Indian to win an Olympic medal in lawn tennis?
A) Vijay Amritraj
B) Leander Paes
C) Mahesh Bhupathi
D) Sania Mirza
1943Iron is a sports term associated with which of the following games?
A) Baseball
B) Tennis
C) Golf
D) Volleyball
1944Which film won the National Award for the best film on family welfare?
A) Little Zizou (English)
B) Gubbachigalu (Kannada)
C) Antaheen (Bengali)
D) Naan Kadavul (Tamil)
1945In which of the novels penned by Bankimchandra does the song "Vande Mataram" appear?
A) Durgeshnandini
B) Anand Math
C) Kapalkundala
D) Parineeta
1946Who was the religious leader whose  murder triggered the -Kandhamal riots - in Orissa.
A) Swami Laxmananand
B) Swami Dayanand
C) Swami Laxman prasad
D) Swami Saraswati
1947Which was the first fully indigenous silent feature film by Budhiraj Govind Phalke which hit the screens on May 3, 1913.
A) Satyavan Savitri
B) Raja Harishchandra
C) Pundalik
D) Nala-Damayanti
1948The operations of Which of the below organizations was formally launched in 1936 with an objective to inform, educate and entertain the masses. (It covers 24 languages and 146 dialects. The coverage is 90% in terms of area and 97.3% in terms of population.)
A) The Times of India Group
B) Doordarshan
C) All India Radio
D) Asiatic Society
1949What does NPCIL stand for?
A) Nuclear Power Center of India Ltd
B) Nuclear Power Company of India Ltd
C) Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd
D) Nuclear Power and Co-operation Industries Ltd.
1950Which of the following is not a neighboring state of Zimbabwe?
A) Botswana
B) Zaire
C) South Africa
D) Mozambique
1951Which nation state in Europe had its security and justice operations overlooked by the UN since it declared independence,EU has taken over this position?
A) Serbia
B) Georgia
C) Kosovo
D) Ukraine
1952Which International treaty, Established in 2005, accepted a framework conventions on Climate Change?
A) The Kyoto Protocol
B) The Clean Development Mechanism Treaty
C) Treaty of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
D) The EU Emissions Trading Scheme
1953Which country has recenty winthdrawn its membership from Kyoto Protocol?
B) Canada
C) Brazil
D) Russia
1954Which of the following countries has recenty joined WTO?
A) Australia
B) Ghana
C) Lybia
D) Russia
1955Except Toshihide Maskawa and Makoto Kobayashi, which scientists has shared the Nobel prize in Physics for 2008?
A) Thomas Kyle
B) Steven Chu
C) Albert Fert
D) Yoichiro Nambu
1956He was the last monarch of Nepal before he was ousted from his throne in 2008 by the Maoists?
A) King Gyanendra
B) King Dipendra
C) King Birendra
D) King Mahendra
1957According to new guidelines set by which body, participation of every child artist is entitled to a set of conditions which should be ensured by the producers and parents to check the child participation in the reality shows?
C) National Commission for Protection of Child Rights
D) Film and Television Institute of India
1958Name the cricketer who faced the first ball in the first ever one-day international cricket match?
A) Don Bradman
B) Geoffrey Boycott
C) John Traicos
D) Sunil Gavaskar
1959A -baker's dozen- would signify which of the following numbers?
A) 14
B) 12
C) 13
D) 15
1960Which sea does the River Volga,largest river in Europe in terms of the length, discharge and watershed flow out into?
A) Red Sea
B) Caspian Sea
C) Mediterranean Sea
D) Dead Sea
1961Which Indian President has instituted Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award on 2 January, 1954 by then President of India?
 A) Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
B) Govind Ballabh Pant
C) Dr Rajendra Prasad
D) Jawaharlal Nehru
1962Which Indian personality had rocked the entire world with his rousing rhetoric in this speech delivered in 1893 in Chikago?
A) Rabindranath Tagore
B) Mahatma Gandhi
C) Swami Vivekananda
D) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
1963Which amendment act of the Indian Constitution lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 years?
A) (60th amendment) Act,1988
B) (61st amendment) Act,1989
C) (50th amendment) Act,1987
D) (65th amendment) Act,1990
196460-year old Dennis Tito made history when he became the first private tourist to outer space in April 2001, paying $20-million for his eight-day holiday aboard the International Space Station. Mr. Tito was a former employee of
A) Microsoft
C) Russian Federal Space Agency
D) Apple Computers
1965Which former governor of the Reserve Bank of India has written a book called "India-s Politics - A View from the Backbench"?
A) C. Rangarajan
B) Bimal Jalan
C) Venugopal Reddy
D) I G Patel
1966Who is the present Chief Justice of India, also the first Dalit member of judiciary to occupy the post?
A) Y K Sabharwal
B) K G Balakrishnan
C) R C Lahoti
D) None of the above
1967Which actor became the youngest non-royal ever to have an individual portrait in Britain-s National Portrait Gallery?
A) Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)
B) Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films)
C)  Daniel Craig (James Bond)
D) William Shatner (Captain James Kirk in the Star Trek movies)
1968Skoda India, a fully owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Group-s SkodaAuto of the Czech Republic, launched its small car in India under the name
A) Superb
B) Octavia
C) Fabia
D) Scout
1969The juice brand Minute Maid is a product of which food and beverage major?
A) Coca Cola
B) Pepsico
C) Godrej Beverages and Foods
D) Dabur Foods
1970Infosys Technologies Ltd., the global Indian leader in IT services and consulting, is listed in which of the following international stock exchanges ?
A) Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE)
B) New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
C) S&P
1971Which of the following corporate offices/campuses in India has been awarded the prestigious LEED platinum rating, which recognizes commitment to superior standards of quality, and efficient utilization and conservation of energy, water and natural resources?
A) Patni Knowledge Centre, Noida
B) Infosys Global Education Centre, Mysore
C) Technopolis Knowledge Park, Mumbai
D)  RMZ Ecospace, Bangalore
1972A plutocracy could be typically characterized by all of the following EXCEPT
A) disproportionate influence of the wealthy on political processes
B) ownership and control of mass media by the wealthy
C) low social mobility
D) ban on public religious gatherings
1973Who succeeded Jawaharlal Nehru as Prime Minister upon his death in May 1964, and is often referred to as the first acting Prime Minister of India?
A) Lal Bahadur Shastri
B) V V Giri
C) Gulzari Lal Nanda
D) Gopal Swarup Pathak
1974The United Kingdom is
A) a Federal Republic
B) a constitutional monarchy
C) a totalitarian state
D) none of the above
1975The President of the United States of America is all of the following EXCEPT
A) the head of state
B) the chief justice of the Supreme Court
C) the leader of the executive branch of the federal government
D) the commander-in-chief of the armed forces
1976Which Indian industrialist has been honoured by the Italian Government for his contribution towards strengthening economic and social relations between the European country and India?
A) R Seshasayee
B) Pawan Munjal
C) L. V. Subrahmanyam
D) Sunil Mittal
1977Name the Indian IT Company that has been presented with two prestigious Banker Technology Awards (awarded by The Banker magazine of the FT group) in June 2008 for its outstanding work in the field of wholesale and capital markets?
A) Accenture
C) Infosys
D) Wipro
1978Who is the CEO of the new group Ranbaxy and Daichi post acquisition?
A) Takashi Shoda
B) Malvinder Singh
C) Kensi Masuzoe
D) Shivinder Singh
1979The construction of the Qutub Minar in Delhi was completed during the reign of
A) Firoz Shah Tughlaq
B) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
C) Qutb-ud-din Aibak
D) Raziya Sultan
1980Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam was the
A) 12th President of India
B) 14th President of India
C) 11th President of India
D) none of the above
1981Who was appointed as the Indian Finance Minister by Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao in 1991?
A)  Manmohan Singh
B) P Chidambaram
C) Madhav Rao Scindia
D) Jaswant Singh
1982Who is the ex-officio chairman of the Rajya Sabha?
A) The Vice-President
B) The Prime Minister
C) The President
D) The Speaker
1983Which of the following is not among the New Seven Wonders of the World?
A) The Taj Mahal, India
B) The Statue of Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
C) The Eiffel Tower, France
D) Chichen Itza, Mexico
1984Who was the founder of the Mughal empire?
A) Babur
B) Akbar
C) Humayan
D) Ala-ud-din Khilji
1985What does UPSC stand for?
A) Uttar Pradesh Service Commission
B) Union Police Service Commission
C) Union Public Service Commission
D) Union Postal Services Company
1986A financial condition in which there is an undue decrease in the amount of money available relative to its buying power, leading to a consistent reduction in general price levels, is termed
A) Inflation
B) Deflation
C) Demonetization
D) Destabilization
1987How many fundamental rights are guaranteed under the constitution of India?
A) 6
B) 9
C) 7
D) 5
1988Novelis, a leading company in aluminium rolling and recycling, belongs to the
A) Tata Group
B) Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group
C) Aditya Birla Group
D) Reliance Industries Ltd. (Mukesh Ambani)
1989Which state hosted the 2011 National Games of India?
A) Madhya Pradesh
B) Karnataka
C) Sikkim
D) Goa
1990Name the Indian journalist and novelist who recently received the 'National Amity Award' in recognition of his commendable service towards national integration and unity of the people?
A) Dr. Khushwant Singh
B) Vikram Chandra
C) Arvind Adiga
D) Sagarika Ghosh
1991Which of the following is NOT a group company of Indian automotive major TVS, named after its founder T V Sundaram Iyengar?
A) Royal Sundaram Insurance Co Ltd.
B) Sundaram Textiles Ltd.
C) Sundaram Clayton Ltd.
D) Brakes India Ltd.
1992When was the Reserve Bank of India established?
A) January 1938
B) April 1932
C) Jan 1935
D) April 1935
1993What famous incident, in the history of Indian Freedom Movement, took place on March 12, 1930?
A) Civil Disobedience Movement
B) Quit India Movement
C) Dandi March
D) Promulgation of the Government of India Act
1994The tag line of Louis Philips is
A) Honestly Impressive
B) The Upper Crest
C) The Complete Man
D) Bond with the Best
1995The first Indian to contest election to the British House of Commons was?
A) S.N.Banerjee
B) W.C.Banerjee
C) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
D) Dadabhai Naoroji
A) A written statement made on oath
B) A pardon for wrong doers
C) A written document that outlines the legal arguments in a case.
D) A legal promise to abide by certain norms of state
1997Who is the Managing Director of Google India?
A) Richard Kimbar
B) Shailesh Rao
C) Mark Howe
D) Phil Santora
1998Who discovered penicillin?
A) Alexander Fleming
B) Paul Ehrlich
C) Gregory Mendel
D) Dr. Jonas E.Salk
1999The largest river of Asia is:
A) Mekong
B) Indus
C) Yenisei
D) Yangtze
2000When was the treaty of Versailles signed?
A) 1919
B) 1918
C) 1914
D) 1920
2001The study of origin and history of words is called
A) Ethology
B) Etymology
C) Genealogy
D) Linguistics
2002Which country is called the -The Land of the Rising Sun?-
A) China
B) Germany
C) Japan
D) Australia
2003The capital of Belgium is:
A) Brussels
B) Minsk
C) Manama
D) Sofia
2004Who discovered America?
A) Sir John Ross
B) Christopher Columbus
C) Leif Ericsson
D) Sir James Clark
2005The study of the sign system language is:
A) Penology
B) Phytology
C) Phonology
D) Psephology
2006The total strength of the Rajya Sabha is
A) 545
B) 540
C) 525
D) 250
2007Who was the first President of India?
A) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
B) N. Sanjeeva Reddy
C) Dr. S Radhakrishnan
D) Mahatma Gandhi
2008The sea route to India was discovered by:
A) Columbus
B) Magellan
C) Hopkins
D) Vasco de Gama
2009In which year was the World Health Organization (WHO) established?
A) 1948
B) 1947
C) 1945
D) 1950
2010Who was the first Roman Catholic and the youngest American to be elected to the office of the President of USA?
A) Harry S. Truman
B) John Adams
C) John. F. Kennedy
D) Theodore Roosevelt
2011Who was the founder of the Brahma Samaj?
A) Rabindranath Tagore
B) Raja Rammohan Roy
C) Dayanand Saraswati
D) V.V Giri
2012In which year and where the first Asian Games held?
A) Canada, 1951
B) New Zealand, 1948
C) Kenya, 1958
D) Scotland, 1995
2013The law of gravitation was defined by
A) Faraday
B) Galileo
C) Archimedes
D) Newton
2014Who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2008?
A) Harold Pinter
B) Orhan Pamuk
C) Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio
D) Dorris Lessing
2015Somalian pirates hijacked which Japanese vessel carrying 18 Indian crewmembers in 2008?
A) MV Faina
B) MT Stolt Valor
C) TM Liner
D) Lifeline
2016Which Indian conductor was recently honoured with Japan's Praemium Imperiale, one of art's richest awards, for his lifetime work with orchestras around the world?
A) Prateek Chaudhury
B) L. Subramaniam
C) Zubin Mehta
D) Abraham Mazumder
2017What is the full form of RAW?
A) Records and Analysis Wing
B) Research and Anti-terrorism Wing
C) Records Amalgamation Wing
D) Research and Analysis Wing
2018The rivers Beas and Sutlej bring water to the Thar Desert through a canal. What is the name of the canal?
A) Sethu Canal
B) Indra Gandhi Canal
C) Kalingarayan Canal
D) Lower Bhavani Project Canal
2019Who was elected Sri Lanka-s first Prime Minister in 1944?
A) Wijeyananda Dahanayake
B) Sirimavo Bandaranaike
C) Don Stephen Senanayake
D) John Lionel Kotalawela
2020Which is the first Indian Bank to open an office in Qatar?
A) Standard Chartered Bank
C) State Bank of India
D) Bank of India
2021Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India?
A) K.V Sundaram
B) S.B Sen Verma
C) Sukumar Sen
D) T.N Seshan
2022Who among the following is the Chief of the Trinamool Congress?
A) Mamata Banerjee
B) Partha Chatterjee
C) Soumen Roy
D) Subroto Mukherjee
2023Of which country are Pashto and Dari the official languages?
A) Pakistan
B) Afghanistan
C) Bhutan
D) Turkey
2024Which of the following states has the largest coastline in India?
A) Gujarat
B) Tamilnadu
C) Kerala
D) Karnataka
2025Solid Carbon Dioxide is commonly called
A) Ice Cubes
B) Icicles
C) Crystal
D) Dry ice
2026What is the full form of SEZ?
A) Special Economic Zone
B) Special Educational Zone
C) Social and Economic Zone
D) Special Execution Zone
2027Which of the following words does NOT appear in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution?
A) Justice
B) Opportunity
C) Peace
D) Faith
2028When was the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly held?
A) August 1947
B) September 1947
C) December 1946
D) August 1950
2029Who is the present Director General of the WTO?
A) Pascal Lamy
B) Rufus H. Yerxa
C) Alejandro Jara
D) Valentine Sendanyoye Rugwabiza
2030In the context of Indian trade policy, what does the EPCG scheme stand for?
A) Export Promotion Consumer Goods Scheme
B) Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme
C) Earnings Provided by Consumer Goods Scheme
D) Exim Policy Capital Goods Scheme
2031The first Indian to receive the Nobel Prize was:
A) Rabindranath Tagore
B) Dr C.V Raman
C) Dr. M.S Swaminathan
D) Dr Hargobind Khorana
2032The engineering giant Bosch belongs to which country?
A) France
B) Italy
D) Germany
2033Which famous world leader was assassinated in Memphis, USA in 1968?
A) Abraham Lincoln
B) J F Kennedy
C) Harper Lee
D) Martin Luther King Jr.
2034In the book -Maximum City- by Suketu Mehta, which city does he write about?
A) Kolkata
B) Delhi
C) Mumbai
D) Chennai
2035The Kol Dam Hydro Electric project is being built in which of the following states?
A) Jammu & Kashmir
B) Himachal Pradesh
C) Uttaranchal
D) Tamil Nadu
2036Where are the passenger coaches for the Indian Railways built?
A) Benares
B) Vijayawada
C) Chittaranjan
D) Kochi
2037The Declaration of Rights for American Independence was drafted in:
A) 1779
B) 1778
C) 1773
2038Who among the following has been nominated by Barack Obama as the US Secretary of State?
A) Bill Clinton
B) Hillary Clinton
C) Janet Napolitano
D) Eric Holder
2039Which of the following rivers was declared the national river of India in November 2008?
A) The Ganges
B) The Cauvery
C) The Narmada
D) The Tapti
2040Which of the following banks have been adjudged Global Bank of the Year 2008 by London-based magazine, -The Banker- published by the Financial Times group?
A) BNP Paribas
C) Royal Bank of Scotland
D) Bank of America
2041Swiss-born Ackermann and Indian born Anshu Jain have been appointed as Co-CEO of Deutsche Bank in June 2012, They have succeeded?
A) Josef Ackermann
B) Bob Diamond
C) Brian Moynihan
D) None of These
2042Which brand has been named as the -Numero Uno- brand in the UK in terms of customer satisfaction by the -2012 UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS)-?
A) Vodafone
B) Land Rover
C) Jaguar
D) None of These
2043Which country in the list has the highest unemployment rate in the euro zone?
A) Spain
B) Portugal
D) Italy
2044Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the India-s largest insurer Life Insurance Corporation of India in June 2012?
A) K C Chakrabarty
B) Dinesh Kumar Mehrotra
C) Sekhar Basu
D) None of These
2045Which IT company has acquired Logica for GBP 1.7 billion recently?
A) Capgemini
B) CGI Group
C) Accenture
2046India's export growth in April stood at?
A) 3.5%
B) 13%
C) 3.2%
D) 8.5%
2047Which country will host the 2013 Asia Cup hockey for the second consecutive time?
A) Japan
B) Thailand
C) Malaysia
D) South Korea
2048Which country won bronze medal in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup held in May-June 2012?
A) England
B) Pakistan
C) New Zealand
D) India
2049India's which state has become the fastest growing state for the second consecutive year in 2011-12?
A) Gujarat
B) Delhi
C) Bihar
D) Maharashtra
2050Which country won Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament in June 2012?
A) Argentina
B) New Zealand
C) India
D) England
2051Rating agency Crisil has lowered India-s economic growth projection for the current fiscal year 2012-13 to?
A) 6.5%
B) 7%
C) 6%
D) 7.5%
2052Who has been appointed as the the next Chief of the Indian Navy?
A) Sureesh Mehta
B) Nirmal Verma
C) Devendra Kumar Joshi
D) None of These
2053Who has recently taken the oath as the new Supreme Court judge in June 2012?
A) Ranjan Gogoi
B) Ranjana Desai
C) Madan Bhimarao Lokur
D) None of These
2054Which global telecom giant has acquired Hughes Telematics for USD 612 million in June 2012?
A) Verizon
C) Vodafone
D) Telenor
2055Which Tech giant has recently acquired online chat site Meebo in June 2012?
A) Microsoft
B) Facebook
C) Google
D) Yahoo
2056Which day was observed as the World Environment Day (WED)?
A) 10th June
B) 15th June
C) 5th June
D) 25th June
2057Who has been appointed as the new Chief Election Commissioner?
A) S Y Quraishi
B) Dinesh Kumar Mehrotra
C) V S Sampath
D) None of These
2058Which social networking site has acknowledged the security breach by hackers in June 2012 which has impacted 6.4 million accounts?
A) Facebook
B) LinkedIn
C) Twitter
D) None of These
2059Who has been named as the new Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Electronics ?
A) Kwon Oh-hyun
B) Lee Kun-hee
C) Choi Gee-sung
D) Jay Lee
2060Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza have won the mixed doubles title at which Gland Slam tournament in June 2012?
A) Wimbledon
B) French Open
C) Australian Open
D) US Open
2061India has allowed foreign direct investment from which Neighbour country recently?
A) Pakistan
B) Nepal
C) China
D) Iran
2062Who won the Thailand Open title held in June 2012?
A) Ratchanok Inthanon
B)  Xuerui Li
C) Saina Nehwal
D) None of These
2063Which Indian PSU got involved in Tatra truck deal scam recently?
2064India's IIP growth for April 2012 stood at?
A) 2.1%
B) 0.1%
C) 1.1%
D) -1.1%
2065India's headline inflation for May stood at?
A) 7.85%
B) 7.55%
C) 7.32%
D) 9.55%
2066What is the retirement age of deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India?
A) 60
B) 62
C) 65
D) None of These
2067The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has brought formal doping charges against which iconic Sportsperson?
A) Tiger Woods
B) Lance Armstrong
C) Michael Johnson
D) Pete Sampras
2068A Chinese-Swedish investment group, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (Nevs) bought which company recently?
A) Saab
B) Logica
C) Spyker
D) None of These
2069USA has exempted India and six other countries from Iran Oil Sanctions following steep drop in Oil imports from Iran. The list does not include?
A) South Korea
B) Sri Lanka
C) Malaysia
D) China
2070Which badminton player won the Indonesia Open Super Series title in June 2012?
A) Ratchanok Inthanon
B)  Xuerui Li
C) Saina Nehwal
D) None of These
2071Who (Female) has won the French open singles title in June 2012?
A) Maria Sharapova
B) Sara Errani
C) Serena Willams
D) Venus Williams
2072Who (Male) has won the French open singles title in June 2012?
A) Novak Djokovic
B) Roger Federar
C) Rafael Nadal
D) None of These
2073Who is the deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India?
A) Kaushik Basu
B) Deepak Parekh
C) K C Chakrabarty
D) None of These
2074Which Indian domestic airlines registered highest market share in May 2012?
A) Indigo
B) Jet Airways
C) Air India
D) Spice Jet
2075Global credit rating agency Moody-s has cut debt rating of which global mobile company to Junk status recently (June 2012)?
B) Motorola
C) Nokia
2076India's retail inflation in May stood at?
A) 10.02%
B) 10.36%
C) 10.45%
D) 10.22%
2077Which global tech giant has unveiled its first tablet named -Surface- in June 2012?
A) Nokia
B) Amazon
C) Google
D) Microsoft
2078Which  Indian Hockey player has been suspended for 1 year for his anti- doping rule violation?
A) Sandeep Singh
B) Manpreet Singh
C) Adrin D-Souza
D) V R Raghunath
2079Which Global credit rating agency has affirmed India's outlook as "Stable" recently?
A) S&P
B) Fitch
C) Moody's
2080Who won the won the historic presidential polls in Egypt recently held in June 2012?
A) Ahmed Shafiq
B) Hosni Mubarak
C) Mohammed Mursi
D) None of These
2081Who has been appointed as the 17th Prime Minister of Pakistan?
A) Raja Parvez Ashraf
B) Shahbuddin
C) Yousuf Raja Gilani
D) Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi
2082The RB has raised FII investment cap in Government securities (G-Secs) recently to?
A) USD 10 billion
B) USD 15 billion
C) USD 20 billion
D) USD 25 billion
2083Which Indian corporate has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the prestigious Rockefeller Foundation for innovation in philanthropy in June 2012?
A) N R Narayana Murthy
B) Azim Premji
C) Ratan Tata
D) Vineet Nayar
2084Who is the new President of International Cricket Council (ICC)?
A) Sharad Pawar
B) Alan Isaac
C) David Richardson
D) Haroon Lorgat
2085Which global tech firm has acquired office social networking site Yammer for USD 1.2 billion?
A) Facebook
B) LinkedIn
C) Google
D) Microsoft
2086Who has been appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister of Pakistan?
A) Raja Parvez Ashraf
B) Shahbuddin
C) Yousuf Raja Gilani
D) Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi
2087Which state has the largest forest area as per the India state of forest report 2011?
A) Madhya Pradesh
B) Uttar Pradesh
C) Karnataka
D) Arunachal Pradesh
2088India's Q4, FY2011-12 GDP growth stood at?
A) 5.3%
B) 5.8%
C) 6.5%
D) 7.1%
2089India's FY2011-12 cumulative GDP growth stood at?
A) 5.3%
B) 5.8%
C) 6.5%
D) 7.1%
2090Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has recently inked MoU with which Indian state to work on different development related issues?
A) Madhya Pradesh
B) Uttar Pradesh
C) Bihar
D) Assam
2091India's Mahesh Bhupati and Sania Mirza won their second mixed doubles Grand Slam in which Tennis tournament in June 2012?
A) French Open
B) Wimbledon
C) Australian Open
D) US Open
2092India based US corporate Rajat Gupta has recently been convicted in which case?
A) Corporate Fruad
B) Money Laundering
C) Insider Trading
D) None of These
2093North-East Centre for Technology Application and Reach (NECTAR) will be established in which place?
A) Guwahati
B) Aizwal
C) Shillong
D) Siliguri
2094India has recently demand full membership in SCO. Full form of SCO?
A) Sahanghai Corporation Organization
B) Space Co-operation Organization
C) Science Co-operation Organization
D) None of These
2095Which of this is not a member state of SCO?
A) Russia
B) Uzbekistan
C) Kazakhstan
D) Mangolia
2096India has inked agreement with which country recently in June 2012 to promote Textile sector?
A) China
B) Kazakhstan
C) Malaysia
D) Turkey
2097Which company is the main sponsor of London Olympics which drew lots of controversy in India for its involvement in Bhopal gas Tragedy?
A) Exxon Mobil
B) Dow Chemical
C) British Petrolem
D) Shell
2098Who has been appointed as the head of Metro Advisoy Board, which was set up to co-ordinate Metro rail network development plans across the country?
A) K C Chakrabarty
B) Sudhir Krishna
C) R K Sinha
D) Sekhar Basu
2099Rajat Gupta, recently convicted in Insider Trading case, was the first India born CEO of which global corporation?
A) Goldman Sachs
B) P&G
C) Pepsico
D) McKinsey
2100Who will lead the Indian hockey team in London Olympics?
A) Bharat Chetri
B) Manpreet Singh
C) Sandeep Singh
D) V R Raghunath
2101Who won the French Open 2012 Grand Slam in Men's singles category?
A) Novak Djokovic
B) Rafael Nadal
C) Roger Federer
D) Andy Murray
2102"World day against child labor" was observed on?
A) 15th June
B) 22nd June
C) 12th June
D) 2nd June
2103World Blood donor day obsered on?
A) 4th June
B) 14th June
C) 21st June
D) 24th June
2104Who has been re-appointed as the Deputy Governor of RBI?
A) K C Chakrabarty
B) Dinesh Kumar Mehrotra
C) Shekhar Basu
D) R K Sinha
2105Who became new Director of BARC?
A) R K Sinha
B) Sekhar Basu
C) K C Chakrabarty
D) None of These
2106Who is the new Prime Minister of Greece?
A) Panagiotis Pikrammenos
B) Karolos Papoulias
C) Antonis Samara
D) George Papandreou
2107IKEA, World's largest furniture manufacturer plans to enter into India. Which country it belongs?
A) Finland
B) Sweden
D) Germany
2108Who won the European Grand Prix in June 2012?
A) Fernando Alonso
B) Kimi Raikkonen
C) Mochael Schumacher
D) None of These
2109International Day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking observed on?
A) 16th June
B) 26th June
C) 22nd June
D) 28th June
2110Which Country will host the 2012 Champions League T20 in October 2012?
A) Australia
B) Sri Lanka
C) South Africa
D) England
2111The number of the Rajya Sabha members elected by the President is:
A) 14
B) 10
C) 12
D) 11
2112What is the radio code signal of extreme distress called?
A) Morse
C) Dots and Dashes
D) 009
2113What is the full form of INTERPOL?
A) International Crime Police Commission
B) International Political Conference
C) International Committee of Police Officers
D) International Police
2114What is the acronym used to refer to the elite special operations commando unit of the Indian Navy?
2115The Boston Tea Party was a major protest incident leading to the:
A) French Revolution
B) American Revolution
C) Russian Revolution
D) Irish Revolution
2116What are the temperate grasslands of Asia and Europe called?
A) Pampas
B) Veldt
C) Savannah
D) Steppes
2117The country topping global production of wool is:
A) Australia
B) Argentina
D) China
2118Who is the present ISI chief of Pakistan?
A) Lt Gen Ehsan ul Haq
B) Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha
C) Lt Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
D) Lt Gen Zaheerul-Islam
2119How many (number) fundamental duties have been enumerated in the Constitution of India?
A) 11
B) 12
C) 13
D) 14
2120The 55th Constitutional Amendment Act was passed by Lok Sabha on December 8,1986, to grant statehood to:
A) Arunachal Pradesh
B) Mizoram
C) Meghalaya
D) Manipur
2121Who among the following was the first Minister of Law in India?
A) Hansraj Bhardwaj
B) Arun Jaitley
C) Sir Dinshaw Mulla
D) Dr. B.R Ambedkar
2122During any sitting of the Lok Sabha, the first hour of sitting is called the:
A) Question hour
B) Review hour
C) Zero hour
D) Eleventh hour
2123What is the full form of MODVAT?
A) Modified Value Additional Tax
B) Modified Value Added Tax
C) Multiplied Value Added Tax
D) Modified Value Added Tariff
2124The Mid Day Meal scheme was launched by the
A) Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
B) Union Ministry of Rural Development
C) Union Ministry of Human Resource Development
D) Union Ministry of Labour and Employment
2125Two countries were suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations on  6/6/2008. Which were they?
A) Pakistan and Fiji
B) Uganda and Fiji
C) Indonesia and Pakistan
D) Sudan and Uganda
2126When was the first Constitution Amendment Act passed?
A) 1950
B) 1956
C) 1951
D) 1952
2127Who was the Managing Director of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation when it started?
A) Mr E. Sreedharan
B) Nirmal Shekar
C) Mr. J Harinarayan
D) Sunil Mittal
2128Who is the present Secretary General of Amnesty International?
A) Pierre Sané
B) Irene Zubaida Khan
C) Salil Shetty
D) Hans Blix
2129The world-s longest sea-bridge situated in which country?
A) Tokyo
B) China
C) Bosnia
D) Germany
2130When was Bal Gangadhar Tilak given the epithet of -Lokmanya-?
A) During the Home Rule Movement
B) During the Swadeshi Movement
C) During the Quit India Movement
D) When he was imprisoned in 1908
2131This divides India into two parts. Which is it?
A) The Tropic of Cancer
B) The Line of Control
C) The Tropic of Capricorn
D) The MacMohan Line
2132Which of the following is not a primary fuel?
A) Coal
B) Wood
C) Kerosene
D) Natural gas
2133Who is the present Chief Minister of Kerala?
A) A. K. Antony
B) Oommen Chandy
C) V.S. Achuthanandan
D) E. K. Nayanar
2134Who became Australia-s first ever-female Governor General in September 2008?
A) Ursula Stephens
B) Kate Ellis
C) Justine Elliot
D) Quentin Bryce
2135Who among the following won the 2008 Nobel Prize for Chemistry?
A) Mr Roger Tsien
B) Mr Yochiro Nambu
C) Mr Harald zur Hausan
D) Mr Luc Montagnier
2136Who was the founder of  the Ramakrishna Mission?
A) Dayananda Saraswati
B) Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa
C) Swami Vivekananda
D) Acharya S
2137What does CLASP stand for?
A) Comprehensive, Lightweight Application Security Process
B) Child Labour Action and Support Project
C) Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program
D) Concealed Lightweight Application Security Process
2138What does ad valorem mean?
A) It refers to the duty or tax imposed on the commodity depending upon the value of the commodity
B) It is a tax based on the value of a real-estate property
C) It is a customs duty or tax imposed on the value of an imported commodity,
D) Import duty and export rebate/tax rates
2139Where did the Olympic games originate?
A) France
B) Switzerland
C) Ancient Greece
D) Great Britain
2140Which of the following is not a fundamental right of an Indian citizen as per the Constitution?
A) Right to property
B) Right to equality
C) Right against exploitation
D) Right to constitutional remedies

Sl No.Answer
1831Ans) Reliance
1832Ans) Kazakhstan
1833Ans) Ratan Tata
1834Ans) Ashok Kumar Roy
1835Ans) Harsh Pati Singhania
1836Ans) Smt. Rita Menon
1837Ans) Ahmad Saleem
1838Ans) Herman Van Rompuy
1839Ans) M. Rafeeque Ahmed
1840Ans) Mr. Mangu Singh
1841Ans) Jawhar Sircar
1842Ans) Ramesh Sippy
1843Ans) Manmohan Singh
1844Ans) Rajkumar Dhoot
1845Ans) R.V. Kanoria
1846Ans) DK Mittal
1847Ans) Vinod Rai
1848Ans) Bank of India
1849Ans) 8th May
1850Ans) Nagaland
1851Ans) Bhopal
1852Ans) Bank of Baroda
1853Ans) Uttar Pradesh
1854Ans) Parimarjan Negi
1855Ans) Pakistan
1856Ans) Manchester city
1857Ans) Taiwan
1858Ans) Axis Bank
1859Ans) USD 2 Billion
1860Ans) Karma
1861Ans) Daimler
1862Ans) Gene Weingarten
1863Ans) Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA)
1864Ans) United Nations
1865Ans) Deccan Chargers
1866ans) The Last of the Mohicans
1867Ans) 2001
1868Ans) Basketball
1869Ans) Golf
1870Ans) The Bengal Gazette
1871Ans) Brahmaputra
1872Ans) Virender Sehwag
1873Ans) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
1874Ans) Dr. M. S. Swaminathan
1875Ans) Dutch East Indies
1876Ans) 23
1877Ans) Jhumpa Lahiri
1878Ans) Dactyloscopy
1879Ans) Tree Peony
1880Ans) Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
1881Ans) Bharti Airtel
1882Ans) Bangladesh
1883Ans) Kingfisher Airlines
1884Ans) Timothy Geithner
1885Ans)  Ford Motor-s Volvo Unit
1886Ans) H Edward Roberts
1887Ans) Mahatma Gandhi
1888Ans) Japan
1889Ans) The Great Pyramid of Cholula, Mexico.
1890Ans) Golf
1891Ans) British Airways
1892Ans) Bandit Queen
1893Ans) Assam
1894Ans) Atlantic
1895Ans) Peacock
1896Ans) Shaheed Minar
1897Ans) Stephanie Meyer
1898Ans) Magsaysay
1899Ans) World Meteorological Organisation
1900Ans) Persian
1901Ans) Param Vir Chakra
1902Ans) Much Ado About Nothing
1903Ans) China
1904Ans) Kathmandu
1905Ans) Aeroplane
1906Ans) Geoffrey Chaucer
1907Ans) Kite flying
1908Ans) Ethiopia
1909Ans) 2007
1910Ans) Amazon.com
1911Ans) 1969
1912Ans) Jammu and Kashmir
1913Ans) Olfactory
1914Ans) It is a rocket launching station
1915Ans) Banaras Hindu University
1916Ans) Serena Williams
1917Ans) V.D.Savarkar
1918Ans) Himachal Pradesh
1919Ans) Adolf Hitler
1920Ans) Mycology
1921Ans) Param
1922Ans) Mohd. Bin Kasim
1923Ans) USA
1924Ans) 2005
1925Ans) China
1926Ans) Bharatpur
1927Ans) Blue revolution
1928Ans) Article 343(1)
1929Ans) 25
1930Ans) Goa
1931Ans) Formosa
1932Ans) Pondicherry
1933Ans) Arunachal Pradesh
1934Ans) Vienna
1935Ans) Morarji Desai
1936Ans) Eric. E.Schmidt
1937Ans) Cryptology
1938Ans) Riksdag
1939Ans) Jawaharlal Nehru
1940Ans) Pithampur
1941Ans) Gregor Mendel
1942Ans) Leander Paes
1943Ans) Golf
1944Ans) Little Zizou (English)
1945Ans) Anand Math
1946Ans) Swami Laxmananand
1947Ans) Raja Harishchandra
1948Ans) All India Radio
1949Ans) Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd
1950Ans) Zaire
1951Ans) Kosovo
1952Ans) The Kyoto Protocol
1953Ans) Canada
1954Ans) Russia
1955Ans) Yoichiro Nambu
1956Ans) King Gyanendra
1957Ans) National Commission for Protection of Child Rights
1958Ans) Geoffrey Boycott
1959Ans) 13
1960Ans) Caspian Sea
1961 Ans) Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
1962Ans) Swami Vivekananda
1963Ans) (61st amendment) Act,1989
1964Ans) NASA
1965Ans) Bimal Jalan
1966Ans) K G Balakrishnan
1967Ans) Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)
1968Ans) Fabia
1969Ans) Coca Cola
1970Ans) NASDAQ
1971Ans) Patni Knowledge Centre, Noida
1972Ans) ban on public religious gatherings
1973Ans) Gulzari Lal Nanda
1974Ans) a constitutional monarchy
1975Ans) the chief justice of the Supreme Court
1976Ans) R Seshasayee
1977Ans) Infosys
1978Ans) Malvinder Singh
1979Ans) Firoz Shah Tughlaq
1980Ans) 11th President of India
1981Ans)  Manmohan Singh
1982Ans) The Vice-President
1983Ans) The Eiffel Tower, France
1984Ans) Babur
1985Ans) Union Public Service Commission
1986Ans) Deflation
1987Ans) 6
1988Ans) Aditya Birla Group
1989Ans) Goa
1990Ans) Dr. Khushwant Singh
1991Ans) Royal Sundaram Insurance Co Ltd.
1992Ans) April 1935
1993Ans) Dandi March
1994Ans) The Upper Crest
1995Ans) Dadabhai Naoroji
1996Ans) A written statement made on oath
1997Ans) Shailesh Rao
1998Ans) Alexander Fleming
1999Ans) Yangtze
2000Ans) 1919
2001Ans) Etymology
2002Ans) Japan
2003Ans) Brussels
2004Ans) Christopher Columbus
2005Ans) Phonology
2006Ans) 250
2007Ans) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
2008Ans) Vasco de Gama
2009Ans) 1948
2010Ans) John. F. Kennedy
2011Ans) Raja Rammohan Roy
2012Ans) Canada, 1951
2013Ans) Newton
2014Ans) Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio
2015Ans) MT Stolt Valor
2016Ans) Zubin Mehta
2017Ans) Research and Analysis Wing
2018Ans) Indra Gandhi Canal
2019Ans) Don Stephen Senanayake
2020Ans) ICICI Bank
2021Ans) Sukumar Sen
2022Ans) Mamata Banerjee
2023Ans) Afghanistan
2024Ans) Gujarat
2025Ans) Dry ice
2026Ans) Special Economic Zone
2027Ans) Peace
2028Ans) December 1946
2029Ans) Pascal Lamy
2030Ans) Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme
2031Ans) Dr C.V Raman
2032Ans) Germany
2033Ans) Martin Luther King Jr.
2034Ans) Mumbai
2035Ans) Himachal Pradesh
2036Ans) Chittaranjan
2037Ans) 1778
2038Ans) Hillary Clinton
2039Ans) The Ganges
2040Ans) BNP Paribas
2041Ans) Josef Ackermann
2042Ans) Jaguar
2043Ans) Spain
2044Ans) Dinesh Kumar Mehrotra
2045Ans) CGI Group
2046Ans) 3.2%
2047Ans) Malaysia
2048Ans) India
2049Ans) Bihar
2050Ans) New Zealand
2051Ans) 6.5%
2052Ans) Devendra Kumar Joshi
2053Ans) Madan Bhimarao Lokur
2054Ans) Verizon
2055Ans) Google
2056Ans) 5th June
2057Ans) V S Sampath
2058Ans) LinkedIn
2059Ans) Kwon Oh-hyun
2060Ans) French Open
2061Ans) Pakistan
2062Ans) Saina Nehwal
2063Ans) BEML
2064Ans) 0.1%
2065Ans) 7.55%
2066Ans) 62
2067Ans) Lance Armstrong
2069Ans) China
2070Ans) Saina Nehwal
2071Ans) Maria Sharapova
2072Ans) Rafael Nadal
2073Ans) K C Chakrabarty
2074Ans) Indigo
2075Ans) Nokia
2076Ans) 10.36%
2077Ans) Microsoft
2078Ans) Adrin D-Souza
2079Ans) Moody's
2080Ans) Mohammed Mursi
2081Ans) Raja Parvez Ashraf
2082Ans) USD 20 billion
2083Ans) Ratan Tata
2084Ans) Alan Isaac
2085Ans) Microsoft
2086Ans) Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi
2087Ans) Madhya Pradesh
2088Ans) 5.3%
2089Ans) 6.5%
2090Ans) Uttar Pradesh
2091Ans) French Open
2092Ans) Insider Trading
2093Ans) Shillong
2094Ans) Sahanghai Corporation Organization
2095Ans) Mangolia
2096Ans) Kazakhstan
2097Ans) Dow Chemical
2098Ans) Sudhir Krishna
2099Ans) McKinsey
2100Ans) Bharat Chetri
2101Ans) Rafael Nadal
2102Ans) 12th June
2103Ans) 14th June
2104Ans) K C Chakrabarty
2105Ans) Sekhar Basu
2106Ans) Antonis Samara
2107Ans) Sweden
2108Ans) Fernando Alonso
2109Ans) 26th June
2110Ans) South Africa
2111Ans) 12
2112Ans) SOS
2113Ans) International Crime Police Commission
2114Ans) MARCOS
2115Ans) American Revolution
2116Ans) Steppes
2117Ans) Australia
2118Ans) Lt Gen Zaheerul-Islam
2119Ans) 11
2120Ans) Arunachal Pradesh
2121Ans) Dr. B.R Ambedkar
2122Ans) Question hour
2123Ans) Modified Value Added Tax
2124Ans) Union Ministry of Human Resource Development
2125Ans) Pakistan and Fiji
2126Ans) 1951
2127Ans) Mr E. Sreedharan
2128Ans) Salil Shetty
2129Ans) China
2130Ans) When he was imprisoned in 1908
2131Ans) The Tropic of Cancer
2132Ans) Kerosene
2133Ans) Oommen Chandy
2134Ans) Quentin Bryce
2135Ans) Mr Roger Tsien
2136Ans) Swami Vivekananda
2137Ans) Child Labour Action and Support Project
2138Ans) It refers to the duty or tax imposed on the commodity depending upon the value of the commodity
2139Ans) Ancient Greece
2140Ans) Right to property