Daily Practice Quiz - 18 November 2016

Which former Indian athlete has created history by becoming the first Indian amputee to conquer Mount Everest in May 2013?
A) Paul Martin
B) Devender Pal Singh
C) Arunima Sinha
D) None of These
Which former Liberian President who sentenced to 50 years in prison for crimes against humanity in Oct 2013?
A) Charles Taylor
B) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
C) Foday Sankoh
D) George Weah

Which Former Supreme Court Judge has been appointed as the Chairman of the 7th Pay Commission in Feb 2014?
A) Justice R. Banumathi
B) Justice N.P. Singh
C) Justice B.S. Chauhan
D) Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur
Which franchise has bought Deccan Chargers IPL team in a fresh auction in 2012?
A) The Hindu Group
B) ADAG Group
C) Sun TV
D) Sahara India
Which franchise has recently bought Deccan Chargers IPL team in a fresh auction?
A) The Hindu Group
B) ADAG Group
C) Sun TV
D) Sahara India
Which gas is also known by the name -Marsh Gas- and it is usually used in chemical labs and industries?
A) Methane
B) Helium
C) Nitrogen
D) Neon
Which global airlines company acquired 24% stake in Jet Airways for USD 379 million in April 2013?
A) Qatar Airways
B) Etihad Airways
C) British Airways
D) Lufthansa Airlines
Which global Airlines company acquired Singapore Airlines- 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic for USD 360 million in Dec 2012?
A) Delta Air Lines
B) American Airlines
C) Etihad Airways
D) British Airways
Which global auto giant has recently roped in professional golfer Jeev Milkha Singh as its brand ambassador in April 2013?
A) Audi
B) Marcedez
D) Volvo
Which Global auto giant was termed as the world's biggest vehicle maker for the year 2012?
A) Toyota
B) General Motors
C) Ford
D) Nissan
12651->Ans) Arunima Sinha
12652->Ans) Charles Taylor
12653->Ans) Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur
12654->Ans) Sun TV
12655->Ans) Sun TV
12656->Ans) Methane
12657->Ans) Etihad Airways
12658->Ans) Delta Air Lines
12659->Ans) Volvo
12660->Ans) General Motors

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