Daily Practice Quiz - 15 November 2016

Which Country won the Junior Hockey World Cup 2012?
A) South Korea
B) Japan
C) Pakistan
D) Malaysia
Which country won the Men's title of the Kabaddi world cup held in Dec 2012?
A) Pakistan
B) India
C) Malaysia
D) China

Which country won the Nehru cup 2012 in Football held in Septermber 2012?
A) Maldives
B) Iraq
C) Pakistan
D) India
Which country/countries started privatisation of Stateowned enterprises as a major State Policy?
A) U.K. under Mrs. Margaret Thatcher
B) Russia in the C.I.S.
C) Mexico/Argentina/Brazil
D) Italy/France/Malaysia
Which court has become first district court to use complete E-stamping Facility in Jan 2013?
A) Patiala House
B) Delhi High Court
C) Chandigarh Court
D) Pune Court
Which cricketer was the first to score a century for the Indian Test cricket team in his Debut Test match?
A) Kapil Dev
B) Md Azharuddin
C) Lala Amarnath
D) Nawab Pataudi
Which Cricketer was voted Cricketer of the Generation as the most outstanding cricketer between the years 1993 and 2013 which was announced by espncricinfo.com in Mar 2014?
A) Shane Warne
B) Sachin Tendulkar
C) Jacques Kallis
D) None of These
Which date has been observed as World Human Rights Day?
A) 30th November
B) 10th December
C) 20th December
D) 30th December
Which date in world history is known as D-day, a date also known as of Operation Neptune and Operation Overlord ?
A) 6 June 1944
B) 6 June 1943
C) 6 August 1945
D) 9 August 1945
Which date is observed as the World Earth Day?
A) 22nd June
B) 22nd April
C) 22nd May
D) 22nd September
12621->Ans) Malaysia
12622->Ans) India
12623->Ans) India
12624->Ans) U.K. under Mrs. Margaret Thatcher
12625->Ans) Patiala House
12626->Ans) Lala Amarnath
12627->Ans) Sachin Tendulkar
12628->Ans) 10th December
12629->Ans) 6 June 1944
12630->Ans) 22nd April

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