Current Affairs September 2017 Quiz - 8

71The First water ATM has been inaugurated at Nalgonda X Roads,________________.
A) Hyderabad
B) Telangana
C) Tamilnadu
D) Andhra Prodesh
72India-s fiscal deficit at July -end touched ________________________ of the budget mainly because of front loading of expenditure by various government departments.
A) 95.4 %
B) 82.6 %
C) 92.4 %
D) 84.8 %
73____________________, India-s indigenously developed 3rd generation Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) has been successfully flight tested twice by DRDO in Rajasthan.
A) Agni
B) Nag
C) Pavan
D) Vim
74____________________Business, the B2B arm of telecom major Bharti Airtel has launched Airtel GST Advantage - a solution designed to enable small businesses and start-ups to file their GST returns -accurately, securely and seamlessly-.
A) Airtel
B) Vodafone
C) Reliance
D) Tata
75India Wrestler ____________________ has won a gold medal by defeating Japanese Wrestler Sena Nagamoto in Cadet World Wrestling Championship in Athens.
A) M. Venkaiah Naidu
B) Sonam Malik
C) Nazir Ahmad Laway
D) Prem Chand Gupta
76Pakistan-s Habib Bank has been ordered to shutter its ______________ office after nearly 40 years for repeatedly  failing to heed concerns over possible terrorist financing and money laundering by US banking regulators.
A) London
B) New York
C) Luton
D) Lincoln
77K Anderson and _____________________have a set up a title clash of the men's singles in the US Open tennis tournament.
A) Roger Federer
B) Rafael Nadal
C) Novak Djokovic
D) Andy Murray
78The renowned Indian Badminton legend ______________________ has been selected for the first life time award by Badminton Association of India.
A) Prakash Padukone
B) C Rahul
C) Chetan Anand
D) Aparna Popat
79__________________ teachers of various independent schools across the country have been conferred with the CBSE Teacher Awards 2016-17 for their distinguished contribution towards raising the standards of education.
A) 33
B) 38
C) 43
D) 48
80The second Indian Workers- Resource Centre (IWRC) has been inaugurated in _____________.
D) China

71Ans)  Telangana
72Ans) 92.4 %
73Ans) Nag
74Ans) Airtel
75Ans) Sonam Malik
76Ans) New York
77Ans) Rafael Nadal
78Ans) Prakash Padukone
79Ans) 33
80Ans) UAE

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