Current Affairs September 2016 Quiz - 3

21The Election Commission of India (ECI) has granted national party status to _______________.
 A) Aam Admi Party
 B) All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) Party
22Chennamaneni Vidyasagar Rao, Governor of Maharashtra has become the acting Governor of__________________.
 A) Hariyana
 B) Madhya Pradesh
 C) Tamilnadu
 D) Orissa

23Who has been elected as the president of Indian Broadcasting Foundation.
 A) Jagdish Chhandra
 B) Ramoji Rao
 C) Usha Kiran
 D) Punit Goenka.
24The new National President of the Indian Medical Association for the year 2016-17.
 A) K.K Aggarwal.
 B) G.Charan Roy
 C) B.N. Ramesh
 D) N. Rama Rao
25Former India pacer Zaheer Khan has been inducted as an Honorary Life Member of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). With this, he has become the ________ Indian player to receive the distinction this year.
 A) First
 B) second
 C) third
 D) fourth
26The 28th ASEAN Summit held in  ________________ in Sep 2016 to review the progress of implementation of ASEAN Community Blueprints 2025.
 A) Beijing
 B) New Delhi
 C) Vientiane
 D) Tokyo
27Who won the 2016 Italian Grand Prix Formula One title held in Sep 2016?
 A) Nico Rosberg
 B) Lewis Hamilton
 C) Sebastian Vettel
 D) Daniel Ricciardo
28"International Literacy Day (UNESCO)" is observed on ____________.
 A) 5-Sep
 B) 12-Sep
 C) 8-Sep
 D) 9-Sep
29World number one ________ has set a new record of most number of Grand Slam matches wins after She won the quarterfinal at US Open to register her 308th majors victory.
 A) Serana Williams
 B) Maria Sharapova
 C) Lindsay Davenport
 D) Martina Hingis
30World's oldest __________, Lindsay Tuckett, passed away in Bloemfontein at the age of 97.
 A) Footballer
 B) Cricketer
 C) Tennis Player
 D) Golfer

21Ans) All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) Party
22Ans) Tamilnadu
23Ans) Punit Goenka
24Ans) K.K Aggarwal.
25Ans) third
26Ans) Vientiane
27Ans) Nico Rosberg
28Ans) 8-Sep
29Ans) Serena Williams
30Ans) cricketer

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