Current Affairs September 2016 Quiz - 19

181Who is the new the president of the Boxing federation India.
 A) Rajesh Bhandari
 B) Ajay Singh
 C) C.K. Jerath
 D) Ashutosh Sharma
182The Asian Games 2026 will be hosted by _________________ City of Japan.
 A) Okazaki and  Nagoya
 B) Kasugai and Okazaki
 C) Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya
 D) Aichi Prefecture and  Kasugai

183India has won the 500th cricket test match against New Zealand by _______________.
 A) 200 runs
 B) 197 runs
 C) 196 runs
 D) 140 runs
184________________ became the fastest Indian and second overall to reach the milestone of 200 wicket in his 37th test match.
 A) Hardik Pandya
 B) Karun Nair
 C) Ravichandran Aswan
 D) Yuzvendra Chahal
185________________ has built the world-s largest radio telescope, the five-hundred-metre aperture spherical radio telescope (FAST), nicknamed Tianyan (The Eye of Heaven).
 A) Japan
 B) China
 C) South Korea
 D) North Korea
186Who has been re-elected as the Labour party leader after defeating opponent Owen Smith?.
 A) Angela Eagle
 B) Jeremy Corbyn
 C) Harriet Harman
 D) Anthony Charles Lynton
187 _______________one of the greatest Golfers of all time has died in Pittsburg from complications of heart problems at the age of 87.
 A) Tommy Aaron
 B) Pat Abbott
 C) Jimmy Adams
 D) Arnold Palmer
188______________, the latest mobile chat application of Google Assistant was launched in India.
 A) Viber
 B) Allo
 C) Hangouts
 D) Signal
189International day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons is observed on__________.
 A) 26 september
 B) 23 september
 C) 25 september
 D) 28 september
190The world tourism day is observed on _____________ across the world. Theme for 2016 is - "Tourism for all promoting universal accessibility-.
 A) 27th September
 B) 22th September
 C) 29th September
 D) 30th September

181Ans) Ajay Singh
182Ans) Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya
183Ans) 197 runs
184Ans) Ravichandran Aswan
185Ans) China
186Ans) Jeremy Corbyn
187Ans) Arnold Palmer
188Ans) ALLO
189Ans) 26 september
190Ans) 27th September

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