Current Affairs September 2016 Quiz - 17

161Who is the new Chief Justice of Calcutta high court?.
 A) Girish Chandra Gupta
 B) Manjula Chellur
 C) Jainarayan Patel
 D) Arun Kumar Mishra
162_____________ has got the prestigious name as Captain of the Wisden-s all-time India test XI team.
 A) M.S Dhoni
 B) Virat Koholi
 C) Sourav Ganguly
 D) Rauhul Dravid

163Who has won the tenth Annual Clinton global citizen award for leadership in business and philanthropy?.
 A) Mukesh Ambani
 B) Ratan Tata
 C) Adi Godrej
 D) Sanjeeb Goenka
164India has been ranked at __________ among 188 countries by a global study on a range of health indicators due to various challenges, including mortality rates, malaria hygiene and air pollution.
 A) 122nd
 B) 135th
 C) 143rd
 D) 157th
165The Centre has appointed ______________ as chairperson of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India. He is currently a member of the Competition Commission of India.
 A) Rakesh Bhanot
 B) Madhusudan Sahoo
 C) Prachi Misra
 D) Sachin Goyel
166India's High Commissioner to UK ___________was appointed as Ambassador to the US.
 A) Navtej Sarna
 B) Meera Shankar
 C) Nirupama Rao
 D) Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
167Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, acquired ____________% shareholding in Zhongshan Ma Er Daily Products to boost its presence in the fast-growing toiletries and liquid detergent space in south China.
 A) 65%
 B) 100%
 C) 85%
 D) 96%
168Two Indian forest officials, Sanjay Dutta and ___________, have been chosen for the 2016 Clark R. Bavin Wildlife Law Enforcement Awards.
 A) Ritesh Sarothiya
 B) Arun  Singh
 C) Girish Chandra
 D) V S Vijayan
169India origin physician and author __________ won National Humanities Medal, America-s highest humanities Award.
 A) Rudolfo Anaya
 B) Abraham Varghes
 C) José Andrés
 D) Terry Gross
170The Indian Army participated in a joint training operation in the Uttarakhand hills with____________ troops as a part of Youdh Abhyas 2016.
 A)  US
 B) UK
 C) Austrilia
 D) Bangaladesh

161Ans) Girish Chandra Gupta
162Ans) M.S Dhoni
163Ans) Adi Godrej
164Ans) 143rd
165Ans) Madhusudan Sahoo
166Ans) Navtej Sarna
167Ans) 100%
168Ans) Ritesh Sarothiya
169Ans) Abraham Varghes
170Ans) US

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