Current Affairs September 2016 Quiz - 16

151The Indian Kabaddi team will be led by star raider _____________ for the next month-s Kabaddi world cup to be held In Ahmadabad.
 A) Anurag Kumar
 B) Anup Kumar
 C) Dilip Kumar
 D) Amit Kumar
152Which country has been ranked at No 1 among 188 countries by a global study on a range of health indicators due to various challenges, including mortality rates, malaria hygiene and air pollution?
 A) Singapore
 B) Iceland
 C) Sweden
 D) Finland

153Which University has been ranked at No 1 in the latest Times higher education world ranking index as the world-s best University?
 A) Oxford
 B) Cambridge
 C) Harvard
 D) Edinburgh
154Delhi's Race Course Road has now been renamed as ______________where PM-s residence is located.
 A) Samaj Kalyan Marg
 B) Jon Kalyan Marg
 C) Lok Kalyan Marg
 D) Pathachari Kalyan Marg
155 Who has been ranked at No 1 place in the Forbes' '100 Richest Indians' list by Forbes India  followed by Sun Pharma head Dilip Shanghvi.
 A) Mukesh Ambani
 B) Ratan Tata
 C) Anil Ambani
 D) Sanjeeb Goenka
156The Union Cabinet has cleared the long-pending deal with France to buy_________  for 7.878 billion Euros.
 A) 36 Rafale fighter jets
 B) 48 Rafale fighter jets
 C) Dassault jets
 D) F-4 Phantom II
157The Centre has appointed ________ members to the Monetary Policy Committee of RBI in Sep 2016.
 A) 2
 B) 3
 C) 4
 D) 5
158_______________ Bank has been ranked as India-s most valuable brand for the third consecutive years, as per the BrandZ Top 50 list released by WPP Group. HDFC Bank was followed by Airtel and SBI in first three positions.
159______________, former India Women-s Hocky team captain has announced her retirement from International Hockey.
 A) Ritu Rani
 B) Sushila Chanu
 C) Suraj Lata Devi
 D) Jaideepa Sahni
160Who is the new Chief Justice of Kerala high court?.
 A) T. S. Thakur
 B) H. J. Kania
 C)  Mohan M shantanago Udar
 D) Manjula Chellur

151Ans) Anup Kumar
152Ans) Iceland
153Ans) Oxfort
154Ans) Lok Kalyan Marg
155Ans) Mukesh Ambani
156Ans) 36 Rafale fighter jets
157Ans) 3
158Ans) HDFC
159Ans) Ritu Rani
160Ans) Mohan M shantanago Udar

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