Current Affairs September 2016 Quiz - 1

1Brazil's Senate has removed President, ________, from the office for breaking budgetary laws which ends an impeachment process after nine months.
 A) Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
 B) Michel Temer
 C) Dilma Rousseff
 D) Eduardo Cunha
2The Central Government has constituted an expert committee of four members headed by ___________ to study the silt in the Ganges river
 A) Ajay Shankar
 B) V V Daga
 C) Madhukar Gupta
 D) A .K. Sinha

3_________ committee, formed to review security at India-Pakistan border, submitted its report to Home Minister Rajnath Singh.
 A) Ajay Shankar
 B) V V Daga
 C) Madhukar Gupta
 D) Bimal Jalan
4"Coconut Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 5-Sep
 B) 2-Sep
 C) 8-Sep
 D) 12-Sep
5The new president of Brazil is?
 A) Dilma Rousseff
 B) Itamar Franco
 C) Michel Temer
 D) Fernando Collor
6Who is the new Chancellor of Teri (The Energy and Resource Institute) University?
 A) Leena Srivastab
 B) Ashok Chawla
 C) Sumit kumar Rauth
 D) Venu Gopal Rao
7 _____________won the people's choice prize for his sand sculpture titled "Mahatma Gandhi - World Peace" at the ninth Moscow Sand Sculpture Championship 2016.
 A) Himanshu Parikh
 B) Pravina Mehata
 C) Sudarsan Pattnaik
 D) satish Gujral
8The new ambassador to India of nepal is _________
 A) Deep Kumar Upadhyay
 B) Narpratap Thapa
 C) Yadu Nath Khanal
 D) Jharandra Narayan Singh
9Famous martial arts expert and actor Jackie Chan will receive a ______________, as announced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
 A) Best Actor
 B) Best Supporting Actor
 C) lifetime achievement Oscar
 D) Best Fight Director
10The new  rank of India in the World Bank-s 2016 Logistics Performance Index (LPI) in the list of 160 countries
 A) 30th
 B) 32th
 C) 120th
 D) 35th

1Ans) Dilma Rousseff
2Ans) A .K. Sinha
3Ans) Madhukar Gupta
4Ans) 2-Sep
5Ans) Michel Temer
6 Ans) Ashok Chawla
7Ans) Sudarsan Pattnaik
8Ans) Deep Kumar Upadhyay
9Ans) lifetime achievement Oscar
10Ans) 35th

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