Current Affairs September 2015 Quiz - 15

141Famous Mathematician ____________ has been chosen for the prestigious 2015 SASTRA Ramanujan Prize, as announced in Sep 2015.
 A) James Maynard
 B) Peter Scholze
 C) Dr. Jacob Tsimerman
 D) Roman Holowinsky
142Union Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions has formed a committee headed by __________ in Sep 2015 to revisit the civil services examination pattern. The seven member committee was given responsibility to submit report within six months from the date of its constitution.
 A) J S Verma
 B) R.M. Lodha
 C) B S Baswan
 D) None of These

143Who has been appointed as the Chairman of Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) in Sep 2015?
 A) B S Baswan
 B) A B Agrawal
 C) S K Sharma
 D) None of These
144__________, Managing Director and CEO of FMCG Company Marico, has been elected as the Chairman of ISA (Indian Society of Advertisers) for the second consecutive year in Sep 2015.
 A) Shashidhar Sinha
 B) Saugata Gupta
 C) Krishnan Balakrishnan
 D) Prabhat Kumar Singh
145_______________ Governor Dr Syed Ahmad passed away in Mumbai, Maharashtra in Sep 2015.
 A) Assam
 B) Tripura
 C) Manipur
 D) Nagaland
146Beijing Olympics champion ___________ won gold medal in the men's 10 metre Air Rifle event of the Asian Air Gun Championships in New Delhi in Sep 2015.
 A) Abhinav Bindra
 B) Jitu Rai
 C) Gagan Narang
 D) None of These
147India has moved up 16 positions to rank ___________ on a global index of the world's most competitive economies, as per the latest Global Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Sep 2015.
 A) 60th
 B) 45th
 C) 55th
 D) 58th
148Which country has retained its top position as the world's most competitive economy for seventh year in a row  as per the latest Global Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Sep 2015?
 A) Netherlands
 B) Switzerland
 C) Singapore
 D) Germany
149Which country has received highest foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first half of 2015, as per a report published in London's Financial Time in Sep 2015?
 A) China
 B) India
 D) Japan
150The Central Government has appointed how many brand ambassadors for its -Digital India programme- in Sep 2015?
 A) three
 B) four
 C) five
 D) six

141Ans) Dr. Jacob Tsimerman
142Ans) B S Baswan
143Ans) S K Sharma
144Ans) Saugata Gupta
145Ans) Manipur
146Ans) Abhinav Bindra
147Ans) 55th
148Ans) Switzerland
149Ans) India
150Ans) four

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