Current Affairs September 2015 Quiz - 10

91Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the National Highways Authority of India in Sep 2015?
 A) Stuti Narain Kacker
 B) Raghav Chandra
 C) L C Goyal
 D) Ratan P Watal
92Whho has been appointed as new Finance Secretary in Sep 2015?
 A) Ratan P Watal
 B) Rajiv Mehrishi
 C) L C Goyal
 D) None of These

93"Day for Peace & Non- violence (UN)" is observed on ____________.
 A) 26-Sep
 B) 16-Sep
 C) 21-Sep
 D) 24-Sep
94Which City will host the 2022 Asian Games, as confirmed by the Olympic Council of Asia at its General Assembly in Ashgabat in Sep 2015.
 A) Tokyo
 B) Beijing
 C) Hangzhou
 D) Bangkok
95India's trade deficit stood at __________ in Aug 2015 (announced in Sep 2015).
 A) USD 9.45 billion
 B) USD 10.8 billion
 C) USD 12.47 billion
 D) USD 13.86 billion
96Railways shot putter __________ became the latest Indian athlete to qualify for next year's Olympics when she broke an 18-year-old national record to win sixth title at the 55th National Open Athletics Championship in Sep 2015. She threw 17.96 metres in her second attempt to claim the gold medal.
 A) Navpreet Singh
 B) Om Prakash Karhana
 C) Manpreet Kaur
 D) Parduman Singh Brar
97___________ refugee teacher Aqeela Asifi has been awarded with the 2015 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Nansen Refugee Award in Sep 2015 for her continuous and tireless dedication to educate refugee girls.
 A) Iraqi
 B) Afghan
 C) Syrian
 D) Pakistani
98Who assumed charge as the Director General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in Sep 2015?
 A) Ratan P Watal
 B) Girish Sahni
 C) L C Goyal
 D) Ratan P Watal
99The Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has increased the life insurance cover of its subscribers from current Rs 3.6 lakh to __________ in Sep 2015 which will benefit around 40 million members of EPFO.
 A) Rs 5 lakh
 B) Rs 6 lakh
 C) Rs 9 lakh
 D) Rs 10 lakh
100Who has been invited to the United Nations- High Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport (HLAG-ST) by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for a period of 3 years in Sep 2015.
 A) Mangu Singh
 B) Suresh Prabhu
 C) Elattuvalapil Sreedharan
 D) T. N. Seshan

91Ans) Raghav Chandra
92Ans) Ratan P Watal
93Ans) 21-Sep
94Ans) Hangzhou
95Ans) USD 12.47 billion
96Ans) Manpreet Kaur
97Ans) Afghan
98Ans) Girish Sahni
99Ans) Rs 6 lakh
100Ans) Elattuvalapil Sreedharan

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