Current Affairs September 2013 Quiz - 9

81BJP has formally announced whom as the party's prime ministerial candidate for the next Lok Sabha polls to be held in 2014?
 A) Rajnath Singh
 B) Narendra Modi
 C) L K Advani
 D) Sushma Swaraj
82Which country opened world-s highest airport in Daocheng in Sep 2013 which stands at 4,411 metre above sea level?
 A) Mangolia
 B) Russia
 C) China
 D) Japan
83Who has been elected as the new Vice-President of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) in Sep 2013?
 A) Vinod Dasari
 B) Vikram Kirloskar
 C) Anand Mahindra
 D) Kenichi Ayukawa
84"World First-Aid Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 15-Sep
 B) 12-Sep
 C) 14-Sep
 D) 21-Sep
85Which global tech company acquired popular smartphone apps -Bump- which is used to share smartphone files like contacts, pictures or other data in September 2013?
 A) Yahoo
 B) Google
 C) Microsoft
 D) Facebook
86Who won INDEX design award for her innovative design, FreshPaper that helps keep food fresh for a longer period in Sep 2013?
 A) Deepak Sandhu
 B) Kavita Shukla
 C) Poonam Khetarpal Singh
 D) None of These
87Which documentary film won the Golden Lion for best movie at the Venice film festival held in Sep 2013?
 A) Holy GRA
 B) Miss Violence
 C) Via Castellana Bandiera
 D) None of These
88Chinese FDI stood ____________ at in August 2013 (Announced in September 2013).
 A) USD 4.5 billion
 B) USD 6.3 billion
 C) USD 8.38 billion
 D) USD 10.5 billion
89Who won the 2013 US Open women-s singles title held in Sep 2013?
 A) Maria Sharapova
 B) Victoria Azarenka
 C) Serena Williams
 D) Sorana Cirstea
90Who won the USD 250,000 prestigious Lasker Awards for Philanthrophy announced by the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation in Sep 2013?
 A) N R Narayana Murthy
 B) Azim Premji
 C) Bill and Melinda Gates
 D) Warren Buffet

Check below for answers..........
81Ans) Narendra Modi
82Ans) China
83Ans) Vinod Dasari
84Ans) 14-Sep
85Ans) Google
86Ans) Kavita Shukla
87Ans) Holy GRA
88Ans) USD 8.38 billion
89Ans) Serena Williams
90Ans) Bill and Melinda Gates