Current Affairs September 2013 Quiz - 20

191Who has been appointed the BJP Campaign Committee Chief for the 2014 Lok Sabha Polls after Narendra Modi was selected as PM candidate in Sep 2013?
 A) Rajnath Singh
 B) L K Advani
 C) Arun Jetley
 D) Sushma Swaraj
192"World Rabies Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 26-Sep
 B) 29-Sep
 C) 27-Sep
 D) 28-Sep
193Inflation in the 17-nation euro zone stood at ________ in September.
 A) 2.1%
 B) 1.1%
 C) 1.3%
 D) 1.6%
194Who was appointed as the Permanent Representative of India to UNESCO, Paris with the rank of Ambassador in Sep 2013?
 A) Ruchira Kamboj
 B) VS Oberoi
 C) Rakesh Sood
 D) None of These
195Who has been selected for 2013 Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award in Sep 2013?
 A) Haraprasad Das
 B) Pratibha Ray
 C) Rafiq Kathwari
 D) Manoj Das
196The current account deficit stood at ______ of gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter (April-June) of current financial year 2013-14 as per the data published in Sep 2013.
 A) 5.1%
 B) 4.5%
 C) 4.9%
 D) 4.6%
197Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of the IPL in the BCCI AGM held at Chennai in Sep 2013?
 A) Sanjay Jagdale
 B) Ranjib Biswal
 C) Debashish Mohanty
 D) Kiran More
198Which country won the Sultan of Johor Cup U21 hockey tournament held in Malaysia in Sep 2013?
 A) India
 B) Malaysia
 C) Thailand
 D) China
199The prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awards for 2013 were announced in September 2013. This year how many scientists have been awared with the prestigious award?
 A) Seven
 B) Eight
 C) Nine
 D) Ten
200The Finance Ministry has notified the much awaited the General Anti-avoidance rules (GAAR) will come into force from ___________ (as per notification released in Sep 2013).
 A) 1st of April, 2016
 B) 1st of January, 2015
 C) 1st of January, 2016
 D) 1st of April, 2015

Check below for answers..........
191Ans) Rajnath Singh
192Ans) 28-Sep
193Ans) 1.1%
194Ans) Ruchira Kamboj
195Ans) Rafiq Kathwari
196Ans) 4.9%
197Ans) Ranjib Biswal
198Ans) India
199Ans) Eight
200Ans) 1st of April, 2016