Current Affairs September 2013 Quiz - 19

181The Raghuram Rajan panel report has made a case for ending the 'special category' criteria for providing additional assistance to poorer states. It has put which of the below state under "Most Developed" Category?
 A) Goa
 B) Madhya Pradesh
 C) Rajasthan
 D) Gujarat
182Who has been appointed as an interim Chairman of Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX) in Sep 2013 till the reconstitution of the board in accordance with the Forward Markets Commission (FMC) guidelines on board composition?
 A) R.M. Premkumar
 B) Arvind Mayaram
 C) Saji Cherian
 D) None of These
183Which Online commerce major has agreed to acquire payment platform Braintree for about USD 800 million in Sep 2013?
 A) Amazon
 B) eBay
 C) Alibaba
 D) None of These
184Which city bagged the top spot for the world's most honest city, according to a survey of 16 cities worldwide (published in Sep 2013)?
 A) Helsinki
 B) Tokyo
 C) Mumbai
 D) Geneva
185"World Heart Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 26-Sep
 B) 29-Sep
 C) 27-Sep
 D) 28-Sep
186The Board of Cricket Control of India, BCCI, has imposed a life ban on former ______________ Lalit Modi from participating in any of its activities in Sep 2013.
 A) BCCI Secretary
 B) IPL Commissioner
 C) BCCI Treasurer
 D) BCCI Chief Selector
187Dr Sathees Chukkurumbal Raghavan received the prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awards for 2013 in which category? (Announced in Sep 2013)
 A) Engineering Sciences
 B) Chemical Science
 C) Physical Science
 D) Biological Sciences
188Who was presented with the 2013 Peter J. Gomes Humanitarian Award (Harvard Humanitarian of the year) by Harvard University in Sep 2013?
 A) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
 B) Nelsan Mandela
 C) Malala Yousafzai
 D) None of These
189In a historic decision, the Church of South India (CSI) appointed whom as its first woman Bishop in Sep 2013?
 A) Rev E Pushpalalitha
 B) Rev Papathoti Joseph Lawrence
 C) Rev E John
 D) None of These
190Sania Mirza won her fourth title of the season and 18th overall when she lifted Pan Pacific Open Women's doubles trophy in Sep 2013. Who was her partner in the tournament?
 A) Liezel Huber
 B) Hao Ching Chan
 C) Cara Black
 D) None of These

Check below for answers..........
181Ans) Goa
182Ans) R.M. Premkumar
183Ans) eBay
184Ans) Helsinki
185Ans) 29-Sep
186Ans) IPL Commissioner
187Ans) Biological Sciences
188Ans) Malala Yousafzai
189Ans) Rev E Pushpalalitha
190Ans) Cara Black