Current Affairs September 2013 Quiz - 1

1Which global tech company acquired Finish mobile maker Nokia's mobile phone business for 5.4 billion euros in September 2013?
A) Apple
B) Google
C) Microsoft
D) Blackberry
2Who has been appointed as Secretary in Ministry of Steel in September 2013?
A) D R S Chaudhary
B) G Mohan Kumar
C) M.F Farooqui
D) None of These
3Which IBL team won the inaugural Indian Badminton League held in August-September 2013?
A) Mumbai Masters
B) Hyderabad Hot Shot
C) Pune Piston
D) Awadhe Warriors
4US mobile giant Verizon Communications Inc agreed to acquire 45% stake in Verizon Wireless from which telecom company in a USD 130 billion transaction deal in Sep 2013?
B) Vodafone
C) Telenor
D) Airtel
5India's Core sector growth stood at __________ in July 2013 (announced in Sep 2013).
A) 2.1%
B) 3.1%
C) 3.8%
D) 4.5%
6India Air Force-s has formally inducted its biggest 70-tonne C-17 heavy-lift transport aircraft into service in Sep 2013. The heavy duty aircraft is procured from which company?
A) Airbus
B) Boeing
C) Sukhoi
D) Lockheed Martin
7Which country won the Asia Cup Hockey title held at Ipoh, Malaysia in September 2013?
A) South Korea
B) India
C) Malaysia
D) Pakistan
8Who took charge as the next governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in Sep 2013?
A) Montek Singh Ahluwalia
B) Kaushik Basu
C) D Subbarao
D) Raghuram Rajan
9Who was unanimously re-elected as Shiromani Akali Dal president consecutively for the second time in September 2013?
A) Sukhbir Singh Badal
B) Parkash Singh Badal
C) Manpreet Singh Badal
D) None of These
10Ronald Coase, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1991, passed away in Sep 2013. He won Nobel prize in which category?
A) Chemistry
B) Phusics
C) Economics
D) Medicine

Check below for answers..........
1Ans) Microsoft
2Ans) G Mohan Kumar
3Ans) Hyderabad Hotshots
4Ans) Vodafone
5Ans) 3.1%
6Ans) Boeing
7Ans) South Korea
8Ans) Raghuram Rajan
9Ans) Sukhbir Singh Badal
10Ans) Economics