Current Affairs September 2012 Quiz – 7

61 Who has been appointed as the new Chief Justice of India in September 2012?
  A) S.H. Kapadia
  B) Altamas Kabir
  C) K.G.Balakrishnan
  D) None of These
62 During its policy review meet on 17th September 2012, RBI has reduced CRR by 25 bps to?
  A) 4.75%
  B) 4.50%
  C) 4.25%
  D) 4%
63 The 52nd National Open Athletics Championship was held in which City in India?
  A) Pune
  B) Bangalore
  C) Dehradun
  D) Chennai
64 Who is the new President of Somalia elected in September 2012?
  A) Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
  B) Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
  C) Mohamed Morsi
  D) None of These
65 While taking important reform steps in September 2012, The Union cabinet has allowed ___ FDI in Aviation?
  A) 49%
  B) 51%
  C) 26%
  D) 74%
66 Who heads the Cauvery River Authority looking after the Cauvery realted dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu?
  A) President of India
  B) Water Resource Minister
  C) Prime Minister
  D) Supreme Court Judge handling the dispute
67 Infosys has acquired consulting firm Lodestone Holding AG for nearly 330 million in September 2012. This is based out of which country?
  A) France
  B) Germany
  C) Switzerland
  D) UK
68 Who has been recently appointed as the new Secretary general of Rajya Sabha in Septermber 2012?
  A) Arun Jaitley
  B) P. J. Kurien
  C) Shumsher K Sheriff
  D) Shri Jaswant Singh
69 Which country has recently honoured Malaysia’s opponent party leader Aung San Suu Kyi with Congressional Gold Medal, one of its top Civilian Honour?
  A) Germany
  B) England
  C) USA
  D) Australia
70 Which Country topped the medal tally table in the recently concluded London Paralympics in 2012?
  A) USA
  B) UK
  C) Germany
  D) China


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  1. Current Affairs September 2012 Quiz – 7 Answers

    61 Ans) Altamas Kabir
    62 Ans) 4.50%
    63 Ans) Chennai
    64 Ans) Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
    65 Ans) 49%
    66 Ans) Prime Minister
    67 Ans) Switzerland
    68 Ans) Shumsher K Sheriff
    69 Ans) USA
    70 Ans) China

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