Current Affairs September 2012 Quiz – 4


India’s IIP growth for the month of July stood flat at?
  A) 0.5%
  B) 0.1%
  C) -0.5%
  D) -1.8%


Who has been recently appointed as the Chief Economist of the World Bank in September 2012 replacing Justin Yifu Lin?
  A) Mantek Singh Ahuwalia
  B) Raghuram Rajan
  C) Kaushik Basu
  D) None of These


“Alzheimer’s Day; Day for Peace & Non- violence (UN)” is observed on?
  A) 8th Sep
  B) 15th Sep
  C) 16th Sep
  D) 21st Sep


Who has been recently awarded with the Test Cricketer of Year 2012″ by ICC in September 2012?
  A) Shane Watson
  B) Kumar Sangakara
  C) Chris Gayle
  D) Virat Kohli


Which Indian IT Company has recently won the contract to modernize nearly 1,50,000 post office across India?
  A) TCS
  B) Wipro
  C) Infosys
  D) HCL Technologies


Which Country hosted the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup held in September 2012?
  A) South Africa
  B) Australia
  C) England
  D) Sri Lanka


Recently US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 others were killed during a protest by Muslims triggered by a movie in which country?
  A) Egypt
  B) Libya
  C) Syria
  D) Iraq


Which Indian IT company has acquired Hutchison’s back office call centre business in India in Sep 2012?
  A) Wipro
  B) Infosys
  C) TCS
  D) Tech Mahindra


Who is the head of the Inter Ministerial Group (IMG) formed to review the allocation of coal blocks which were allocated earlier without auction?
  A) Subodh Kant Sahay
  B) Sharad Pawar
  C) Zohra Chatterji
  D) None of These


What was India’s rank in the list of countries in the Global Competitive index 2012-13 published by the World Economic Forum in Septermber 2012?
  A) 57th
  B) 58th
  C) 59th
  D) 56th


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  1. Current Affairs September 2012 Quiz – 4 Answers

    31 Ans) 0.1%
    32 Ans) Kaushik Basu
    33 Ans) 21st Sep
    34 Ans) Kumar Sangakara
    35 Ans) Infosys
    36 Ans) Sri Lanka
    37 Ans) Libya
    38 Ans) Tech Mahindra
    39 Ans) Zohra Chatterji
    40 Ans) 59th

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