Current Affairs September 2012 Quiz – 3


Verghese Kurien who died recently in September 2012 was associated with which indian brand?
  A) ITC
  B) Mother Dairy
  C) Amul
  D) None of These


Which global fast food giant has opened a completely Veg restaurant in India for the first time in September 2012?
  A) Subway
  B) KFC
  C) McDonald’s
  D) Dominos


Which Indian IT company has recently acquired Zurich based Consultancy firm Loadstone for USD 350 million?
  A) HCL Technologies
  B) Wipro
  C) Infosys
  D) TCS


Who won the men’s Singles US Open title 2012?
  A) Roger Federer
  B) Rafael Nadal
  C) Andy Murray
  D) Novak Djokovic


Who won the Women’s Singles US Open title 2012 recently?
  A) Serena Williams
  B) Maria Sarapova
  C) Venus Williams
  D) Agnieszka Radwanska


Who has been recently awarded with the “ODI Cricketer of Year 2012” by ICC in September 2012?
  A) Shane Watson
  B) Kumar Sangakara
  C) Chris Gayle
  D) Virat Kohli


Justice Altamas Kabir has recently swoen in as the Chief Justice of India. With this he became the ____ CJI of India
  A) 39th
  B) 41st
  C) 38th
  D) 40th


Recently Ministry of Environment and Forestry has stopped Mining in which state?
  A) Karnataka
  B) Maharashtra
  C) Goa
  D) Madhya Pradesh


While taking important reform steps in September 2012, The Union cabinet has allowed ___ FDI in Single brand retail?
  A) 49%
  B) 51%
  C) 100%
  D) 74%


Which Indian Hotel group has recently launched World’s largest LEED platinum hotel in Chennai?
  A) Oberoi Group
  B) Indian Hotels
  C) ITC Ltd
  D) Leela Group


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  1. Current Affairs September 2012 Quiz – 3 Answers

    21 Ans) Amul
    22 Ans) McDonald’s
    23 Ans) Infosys
    24 Ans) Andy Murray
    25 Ans) Serena Williams
    26 Ans) Virat Kohli
    27 Ans) 39th
    28 Ans) Goa
    29 Ans) 100%
    30 Ans) ITC Ltd.

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