Current Affairs September 2012 Quiz – 10

91 Which Indian IT services company has acquired 51% stake in Bharti Group-owned mobile value-added services (VAS)?
  A) IBM
  B) TCS
  C) Tech Mahindra
  D) Wipro
92 Which Movie has been shortlisted as India’s official entry to the Oscars for 2012?
  A) Paan Singh Tomar
  B) Barfi!
  C) Kahaani
  D) None of These
93 Who has formally taken additional charge of the Railway Ministry following resignation by the TMS MP and Railway Minister Mukul Roy?
  A) Shalman Khurshid
  B) CP Joshi
  C) Kapil Sibal
  D) Jairam Romesh
94 Famous film actor Surendranatha Thilakan passed away in September 2012. He was a _____________ actor.
  A) Kannada
  B) Telegu
  C) Malayalam
  D) Marathi
95 India’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) jumped by 60% in July to?
  A) USD 2.76 billion
  B) USD 1.76 billion
  C) USD 1.1 billion
  D) USD 3.76 billion
96 Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of the national selection committee of BCCI in September 2012?
  A) Mohinder Amarnath
  B) Sandeep Patil
  C) K Srikanth
  D) Dilip Vengsarkar
97 India’s core sector growth for August stood at?
  A) 3%
  B) -2.5%
  C) 2.1%
  D) 3.5%
98 Yahoo has appointed __________ as its new Chief Financial Officer in September 2012?
  A) Ross Levinsohn
  B) Marissa Mayer
  C) Ken Goldman
  D) Scott Thompson
99 The 16th NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) summit was held in?
  A) New Delhi
  B) Sanghai
  C) Tehran
  D) Baghdad
100 Reliance  is all set to launch its breakthrough 4G platform by the end 2012. It has signed which tech major to create its core technological framework?
  A) Cisco
  B) Huwaii
  C) Nokia
  D) Siemens


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  1. Current Affairs September 2012 Quiz – 10 Answers

    91 Ans) Tech Mahindra
    92 Ans) Barfi!
    93 Ans) CP Joshi
    94 Ans) Malayalam
    95 Ans) USD 1.76 billion
    96 Ans) Sandeep Patil
    97 Ans) 2.1%
    98 Ans) Ken Goldman
    99 Ans) Tehran
    100 Ans) Cisco

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