Current Affairs September 2012 Quiz – 1


Supreme Court has ordered which Indian group to refund nearly Rs 17,400 crore to its more than 2 crore investors in September 2012?
  A) Pearless
  B) Tata
  C) Reliance
  D) Sahara


Whom the ministry of mines has given additional charge as chairman and managing director (CMD) of PSU Company NALCO in September 2012?
  A) B L Bagra
  B) Arun Prakash
  C) Anshuman Das
  D) None of These


Who has recently taken over the role of director at the MRF Pace Foundation in Chennai from Australian fast bowler genius Dennis Lillee?
  A) Bret Lee
  B) Glenn McGrath
  C) Shaun Pollock
  D) Wasim Akram


Who has taken over as the new Navy Chief of India in August 2012?
  A) Nirmal Verma
  B) Devendra Kumar Joshi
  C) B.K Singh
  D) Arun Prakash


Which Company has unveiled its first smartphones Lumia 920 and 820 using Windows 8 software in USA recently?
  A) Motorola
  B) Samsung
  C) LG
  D) Nokia


Which Committee has recently sugegsted Indian Government to eliminate Diesel subsidy by 2013-14 for fiscal consolidation?
  A) Shome Committee
  B) Kelkar Committee
  C) Parekh Committee
  D) Narshimha Committee


Liang Guanglie has recently visited India in September 2012. He is Defence Minister of which country?
  A) Malaysia
  B) Thailand
  C) China
  D) Japan


Five Indian companies are placed in the list of “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” compiled the Forbes Magazine. Which company topped the list among all the Indian Companies?
  A) Hindustan Unilever
  B) Tata Consultancy Services
  C) Infosys
  D) Larsen & Toubro


India’s headline inflation for August stood at?
  A) 7.25%
  B) 6.87%
  C) 7.55%
  D) 7%


India’s export for August stood at?
  A) USD 20.5 Billion
  B) USD 32.3 Billion
  C) USD 22.3 Billion
  D) USD 38 Billion


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  1. Current Affairs September 2012 Quiz – 1 Answers

    1 Ans) Sahara
    2 Ans) Anshuman Das
    3 Ans) Glenn McGrath
    4 Ans) Devendra Kumar Joshi
    5 Ans) Nokia
    6 Ans) Kelkar Committee
    7 Ans) China
    8 Ans) Larsen & Toubro
    9 Ans) 7.55%
    10 Ans) USD 22.3 Billion

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