Current Affairs Sep 2014 Quiz 25

241Who won the Italian Grand Prix held in Sep 2014?
A) Nico Rosberg
B) Lewis Hamilton
C) Daniel Ricciardo
D) Valtteri Bottas
242The Reserve Bank of India has kept the SLR rate unchanged at  ________ during its announcement of fourth bi-monthly monetary policy review on 30th Sep 2014.
A) 23.5%
B) 22.5%
C) 23%
D) 22%

243China has test fired an upgraded version of its nuclear capable Dongfeng missile with a strike range of __________ in September 2014.
A) 8,000-km
B) 10,000-km
C) 12,000-km
D) 15,000-km
244Oscar Pistorius, the gold medalist in London Olympics in 2012 has been tried for killing his girlfriend. He is from which country?
A) England
B) South Africa
C) Australia
245Google has shut down which service in Sep 2014 after 10 years of existance?
A) Google Plus
B) Orkut
C) Blogger
D) MyGoogle
246Who became the first from Spain to win World Badminton Championship on 31st August at the World Badminton Championship held in Copenhagen, Denmark?
A) Pablo Abián
B) Wang Shixian
C) Carolina Marin
D) Li Xuerui
247Which team was the runners up in the inaugural Pro Kabaddi League held in Aug-Sep 2014?
A) Dabang Delhi
B) U Mumba
C) Jaipur Pink Panthers
D) Bengaluru Bulls
248Famous Indian scientist, ________ has been awarded with the prestigious USD 1 lakh Midori Prize for biodiversity for his pioneering research, including in climate change in the Himalayas, in Sep 2014.
A) Sandesh Kadur
B) K. N. Ganeshaiah
C) Kamal Bawa
D) Peter H. Raven
249Senior IAS officer __________ was appointed as Executive Director (ED) in World Bank in Sep 2014.
A) Rajeev Topno
B) Shaktikanta Das
C) Subhash Chandra Garg
D) R P Wattal
250Which Leading IT services provider announced that it would acquire US-based healthcare technology & operations company Trizetto for about USD 2.7 billion in all cash deal in Sep 2014?
A) Wipro
B) Tata Consultancy Services
C) Cognizant
D) Infosys

Check below for answers:
241Ans) Lewis Hamilton
242Ans) 22%
243Ans) 10,000-km
244Ans) South Africa
245Ans) Orkut
246Ans) Carolina Marin
247Ans) U Mumba
248Ans) Kamal Bawa
249Ans) Subhash Chandra Garg
250Ans) Cognizant