Current Affairs Sep 2014 Quiz 16

151Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian along with Edward Snowden have been jointly awarded with the Right Livelihood Award in Sep 2014?
A) Dan Ellsberg
B) Radley Balko
C) Edward Snowden
D) None of These
152The Government announced Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana for urban and rural poor with the aim of empowering the population through enhancement of livelihood opportunities. Which MP lauched the same in Sep 2014?
A) Narendra Modi
B) Rajnath Singh
C) M Venkaiah Naidu
D) Smriti Irani

153Whho has been appointed as Prime Minister Narendra Modi-s Sherpa for the G20 annual Summit 2014 in Sep 2014?
A) Rajeev Topno
B) Shaktikanta Das
C) Arvind Mayaram
D) Suresh Prabhu
154Global credit rating agency __________ has revised India's credit outlook up to 'stable' from current credit outlook of 'negative' and retained India's rating at BBB- in Sep 2014.
B) Standards & Poor's
C) Fitch
D) Moody's
155The Reserve Bank of India released Which Committee report on Capacity Building in banks and non-banks in Sep 2014. The committee has recommended a 360-degree feedback for a transparent and comprehensive performance assessment exercise, one that ensures adequate performance differentiation between employees.
A) G Gopalakrishna
B) Bimal Jalan
C) PJ Nayak
D) Usha Thorat
156The News Broadcasters Association (NBA) has been appointed whom as its president for the year 2014-2015 in Sep 2014?
A) Ashok Venkatramani
B) Rajat Sharma
C) Anurradha Prasad
D) KVL Narayan Rao
157Which Indian/NRI businessman and his family have decided to give away 75% of their wealth for the good of the society (announced in Sep 2014)?
A) Azim Premji
B) Nandan Nilekani
C) Anil Agarwal
D) L N Mittal
158Who won the Singapore Grand Prix held in Sep 2014?
A) Nico Rosberg
B) Lewis Hamilton
C) Daniel Ricciardo
D) Valtteri Bottas
159Who has been selected for the JC Daniel Award for lifetime achievement for the year 2013 by the Kerala Government for his overall contribution to the Malayalam film industry in Sep 2014?
A) O. N. V. Kurup
B) Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai
C) Madathil Thekkepaattu Vasudevan Nair
D) Hariharan
160Board of Cricket Control in India had announced extension of the tenure of _____________ as the Director of Indian cricket team till 2015 ICC World Cup (Announced in Sep 2014).
A) Sunil Gavaskar
B) Kapil Dev
C) Ravi Shastri
D) Dilip Bengsarkar

Check below for answers:
151Ans) Edward Snowden
152Ans) M Venkaiah Naidu
153Ans) Suresh Prabhu
154Ans) Standards & Poor's
155Ans) G Gopalakrishna
156Ans) Rajat Sharma
157Ans) Anil Agarwal
158Ans) Lewis Hamilton
159Ans) Madathil Thekkepaattu Vasudevan Nair
160Ans) Ravi Shastri