Current Affairs Sep 2014 Quiz 15

141The Prime Minister launched the ___________ initiative in Sep 2014 with the aim to make India a manufacturing hub by attracting foreign companies and foreign investments to set up their manufacturing units here.
A) Made in India
B) Make in India
C) Manufactured in India
D) India Made
142Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved ___________ assistance to United Nations in Sep 2014 to fight Ebola outbreak in West Africa as the outbreak has escalated significantly and posed risk to the entire region.
A) USD 8 million
B) USD 10 million
C) USD 12 million
D) USD 20 million

143Bharatiya Janata Party and its oldest ally Shiv Sena have announced to part ways after _________ of association ahead of the Maharashtra Assembly elections in Sep 2014.
A) 15 years
B) 20 years
C) 25 years
D) 30 years
144Famous Hindi author __________ was awarded with the 'Saraswati Samman' for his novel "Dhool Paudhon Par" published in 2008 at New Delhi in Sep 2014.
A) Mridula Garg
B) Chandi Prasad Bhatt
C) Govind Mishra
D) Nirmal Verma
145Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), which sells Amul brand of milk products, ranked ______ among the top dairy organisations in the world as per the International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN) in Sep 2014.
A) 10th
B) 12th
C) 15th
D) 22nd
146India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) became successful in Sep 2014 as it placed its low-cost Mangalyan spacecraft in Mars orbit. With this India has become the _______ country in the world to successfully conclude the mission.
A) Third
B) Fourth
C) Fifth
D) Sixth
147Who has been ranked as the richest Indian for the eighth consecutive year, as per the list published by Forbes in Sep 2014. Also for the first time, the 100 richest tycoons in India are all billionaires, as per the list
A) Dilip Shangvi
B) LN Mittal
C) Mukesh Ambani
D) Azim Premji
148"World Heart Day" is observed on ____________.
A) 26-Sep
B) 29-Sep
C) 27-Sep
D) 28-Sep
149Which Leading NRI businessmen/businessman have/has been awarded with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Business in United Kingdom in Sep 2014.
A) LN Mittal
B) Lord Swaraj Paul
C) Hinduja brothers
D) None of These
150US economic growth for the previous quarter (April-June) has been revised upward to ________ in Sep 2014 which is the highest growth in last 2 and half years.
A) 2.8%
B) 4.6%
C) 3.7%
D) 5.1%

Check below for Answers:
141Ans) Make in India
142Ans) USD 12 million
143Ans) 25 years
144Ans) Govind Mishra
145Ans) 15th
146Ans) Fourth (After USA, EU and Russia)
147Ans) Mukesh Ambani
148Ans) 29-Sep
149Ans) Hinduja brothers
150Ans) 4.6%