Current Affairs Sep 2014 Quiz 13

121who was sworn in as Fiji's new prime minister in Sep after he won the general election held recently for the first time since 2006?
A) Epeli Nailatikau
B) Laisenia Qarase
C) Voreqe Bainimarama
D) Mahendra Chaudhry
122Chinese internet giant Alibaba raised __________ from its recent IPO at New York Stock Exchange in Sep 2014 to become the largest initial public offering (IPO) in history.
A) USD 18 billion
B) USD 20 billion
C) USD 25 billion
D) USD 28 billion

123India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) became successful in Sep 2014 as it placed its low-cost Mangalyan spacecraft in Mars orbit. With this India has become the _______ country in the world to successfully conclude the mission in its first attempt.
A) First
B) Second
C) Third
D) Fourth
124The Narula brothers of Delhi became the first ever contestants to win __________ in the television show, Kaun Banega Crorepati in Sep 2014 which is hosted by megastar Amitabh Bachchan.
A) Rs 5 crore
B) Rs 6 crore
C) Rs 7 crore
D) Rs 8 crore
125Which Global company acquired Bangalore-based startup company Bookpad for around USD 8.3 million in Sep 2014?
A) Google
B) eBay
C) Amazon
D) Yahoo
126The next Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (13th edition), the world's largest annual gathering of the Indian diaspora, will be held in which city in Guajarat January 2015 to mark 100 years of Mahatma Gandhi's return to India from South Africa (announced in Sep 2014)?
A) Ahmedabad
B) Gandhinagar
C) Surat
D) Vadodara
127Central government has set up a committee in Sep 2014 to recommend strategies on restructuring the Railway Board which will submit the report in a year. The committee will be headed by ____________.
A) Bibek Debroy
B) TSR Subramanain
C) Shanta Kumar
D) Sivaramakrishnan
128"World Tourism Day" is observed on ____________.
A) 26-Sep
B) 25-Sep
C) 27-Sep
D) 24-Sep
129India has finalized which film as its official entry for Oscars next year, as per announcement by the Film Federation of India (FFI) in Sep 2014?
A) Queen
B) Liar's Dice
C) Shahid
D) Ship of Theseus
130Internet giant __________ launched a new social campaign in association with Bollywood actor-director Farhan Akhtar-s initiative MARD in Sep 2014 to increase internet literacy among women in the country?
A) Facebook
B) Yahoo
C) Google
D) Microsoft

Check below for Answers:
121Ans) Voreqe Bainimarama
122Ans) USD 25 billion
123Ans) First (EU did, but that is a combined effort of more countries)
124Ans) Rs 7 crore
125Ans) Yahoo
126Ans) Gandhinagar
127Ans) Bibek Debroy
128Ans) 27-Sep
129Ans) Liar's Dice
130Ans) Google