Current Affairs Sep 2014 Quiz 11

101Scotland has decisively rejected independence by winning more than half of the votes polled as its citizens have decided to stay with United Kingdom. This union is how many years old?
A) 275-year
B) 325-year
C) 307-year
D) 200-year
102India-s ranking dropped by eights places to ________ in the latest FIFA rankings published by FIFA in Sep 2014.
A) 138th
B) 142nd
C) 158th
D) 168th

103_________, co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corp for last 37 years, has announced to step aside as chief executive officer of the tech giant in Sep 2014. He will be replaced by co-CEOs Safra Catz and Mark Hurd.
A) Larry Ellison
B) Warren Buffett
C) Charles Koch
D) Bill Gates
104Chinese company Alibaba's marked its debut at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in Sep 2014. Who is founder and Chairman of Alibaba, also rang the opening bell at the NYSE.
A) Ma Huateng
B) Jerry Yang
C) Jack Ma
D) Robin Li
105The 17th edition of the Asian Games being held in which country in Sep-Oct 2014?
A) Japan
B) China
C) South Korea
D) Thailand
106The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) executive board approved which country as hosts for the 2018 Asian Games in Sep 2014 as Vietnam has declared that it could no longer afford to stage the next Asian Games in April this year.
A) Japan
B) Indonesia
C) South Korea
D) Thailand
107"Social Justice Day" is observed on ____________.
A) 26-Sep
B) 25-Sep
C) 22-Sep
D) 24-Sep
108Who has been appointed as the next US Ambassador to India by the President of USA in Sep 2014?
A) Richard Rahul Verma
B) Richard Olson
C) Dan Mozena
D) Gary Faye Locke
109The Reserve Bank of India has proposed to segregate the post of Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) post of Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) banks in Sep 2014 to improve corporate governance in the PSU banks based on the recommendation of the ___________ Committee.
A) C. Rangarajan
B) Bimal Jalan
C) PJ Nayak
D) Usha Thorat
110Which Asset Management Compan has signed a definitive agreement to acquire 10 schemes of PineBridge Mutual Fund for an undisclosed amount in Sep 2014?
A) SBI Mutual Fund
B) ICICI Prudential
C) Kotak Mahindra
D) Reliance

Check below for Answers:
101Ans) 307-year
102Ans) 158th
103Ans) Larry Ellison
104Ans) Jack Ma
105Ans) South Korea
106Ans) Indonesia
107Ans) 25-Sep
108Ans) Richard Rahul Verma
109Ans) PJ Nayak
110Ans) Kotak Mahindra