Current Affairs October 2017 Quiz - 3

21___________________ has been appointed as one of two Deputy Directors General the World Health Organization (WHO).
 A) Krishna Bahadur Mahara
 B) Kamal Thapa
 C) Bimalendra Nidhi
 D) Soumya Swaminathan
22Journalist-activist________________ has been posthumously accorded with the prestigious Anna Politkovskaya Award, instituted by Reach All Women (RAW) in War.
 A) M. Nagaraju
 B) Sanjiv Singh
 C) Gauri Lankesh
 D) Ramesh Lekhak
23The Reserve Bank of India has opened a branch in the _______________ to make transactions of the Uttarakhand State government more convenient.
 A) Pune City
 B) Dehradun city
 C) Benaras City
 D) Chennai
24The Karnataka government has launched the Rs. 302-crore ___________________, aimed at providing free mid-day meals to pregnant and lactating women in rural areas.
 A) National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme
 B) Social Security Yojna
 C) Ujjwala Yojana
 D) Mathru Poorna scheme
25The first ever ASEAN-India music festival has begun at Purana Quila in _________________.
 A) Goa
 B) New Delhi
 C) Mumbai
 D) Kolkata
26______________________ has become the first ever Indian sportsperson to win a gold medal at the Wushu World Championship in Kazan, Russia.
 A) Saina Nehwal
 B) Kamal Thapa
 C) Pooja Kadian
 D) Sania Mirza
27Former Union minister and socialist leader ______________________ has passed away at the age of 87.
 A) Jayalathaa
 B) M Karunanidhi
 C) Purushottam Lal Kaushik
 D) Agatha Sangma
28Veteran director____________________ has passed away at the age of 69.
 A) Kundan Shah
 B) Satyajit Roy
 C) Mrinal Sen
 D) Guru Dutt
29World Teachers- Day is observed on ___________________.
 A) 2nd October
 B) 3rd October
 C) 4th October
 D) 5th October
30The World Space Week is organized from 4th to _____________________.
 A) 7th October
 B) 8th October
 C) 9th October
 D) 10th October

21Ans) Soumya Swaminathan
22Ans) Gauri Lankesh
23Ans) Dehradun city
24Ans) Mathru Poorna scheme
25Ans) New Delhi
26Ans) Pooja Kadian
27Ans) Purushottam Lal Kaushik
28Ans) Kundan Shah
29Ans) 5 October
30Ans) 10th October

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