Current Affairs October 2017 Quiz - 12

111_______________________, a veteran British actor has passed away in London at the age of 94.
 A) Roy Dotrice
 B) Tom Hardy
 C) Alec Guinness
 D) Michael Gambon
112Solicitor-General of India ___________________, the second highest ranking law officer of the government, resigned with immediate effect.
 B) Kamal Thapa
 C) Bimalendra Nidhi
 D) Ramesh Lekhak
 D) Ranjit Kumar
113The National Police Commemoration Day is observed on ___________________.
 A) 21st October
 B) 16th October
 C) 25th October
 D) 28th October
114The RBI has issued guidelines to banks will provide funds to women self-help groups, SHGs, in rural areas at_______________ under the Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana.
 A) 5%
 B) 7%
 C) 9%
 D) 10%
115The Income Tax Department has launched an -______________- service for taxpayers.
 A) Online Payment
 B) online chat
 C) Vedio Calling
 D) Audio Calling
116Piped Natural Gas supply system has been inaugurated in Bhubaneswar, _____________.
 A) Odisha
 B) Tamilnadu
 C) Assam
 D) Tripura
117The Special Family Pension for widows of government employees killed by extremists has been restored by ___________________ Government.
 A) Punjab
 B) Hariyana
 C) Maharastra
 D) Gujrat
118_________________ has won Asia Cup Hockey.
 A) China
 B) India
 C) Pakistan
 D) Brazil
119World Statistics Day is observed on __________________.
 A) 21st October
 B) 20th October
 C) 25th October
 D) 28th October
120____________________ has become the youngest  female Prime Minister of New Zealand.
 A) Jacinda Ardern
 B)Guillermo Lasso
 C) Lenin Moreno
 D) Lydia Bly Jett

111Ans) Roy Dotrice
112Ans) Ranjit Kumar
113Ans) 21st October
114Ans) 7 %
115Ans) online chat
116Ans) Odisha
117Ans) Punjab
118Ans) India
119Ans) 20th October
120Ans) Jacinda Ardern

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