Current Affairs October 2017 Quiz - 10

91World Food Day is observed on________________________.
 A) 15th October
 B) 16th October
 C) 17th October
 D) 18th October
92The South Pacific island _______________________ has become host to the world-s first government to accept bitcoin in exchange for citizenship.
 A) Ellis Island
 B) New Guinea
 C) nation of Vanuatu
 D) Funen
93_______________________ has won Shanghai Masters.
 A) Chetan Anand
 B) Roger Federer
 C) Prakash Padukone
 D) Syed Modi
94Premier all-rounder ____________________ has become the first cricketer from Bangladesh to be inducted in the MCC World Cricket Committee under the chairmanship of Mike Gatting.
 A) Tamim Iqbal
 B) Shakib Al Hasan
 C) Mushfiqur Rahim
 D) Taskin Ahmed
95_______________________ has won Tianjin Open.
 A) Serena Williams
 B) Maria Sharapova
 C) Martina Navratilova
 D) Venus Williams
96The 2nd Ayurveda Day is observed on ____________________.
 A) 15th October
 B) 16th October
 C) 17th October
 D) 18th October
97_____________________, a former competitive powerlifter  has become the first ever Indian woman to be signed by the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
 A) Carlos Garcia
 B) Kavita Devi
 C) Sergii Bilyi
 D) Konstantin Lebedko
98Eminent poet, lyricist and journalist ___________________ has been selected for the Padma Prabha Puraskaram for 2017.
 A) Abida Parveen
 B) Yusra Mardini
 C) Usain Bolt
 D) Prabha Varma
99-______________________-, biography of Hema Malini has been launched.
 A) Hema Malini: Beyond the Dream Girl
 B) Hema Malini: The Dream Girl
 C) Hema Malini: The real Dream Girl
 D) Hema Malini: Around the Dream Girl
100All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) has been inaugurated in ___________, on the occasion of the 2nd Ayurveda Day.
 A) Kolkata
 B) Mumbai
 C) Chennai
 D) New Delhi

91Ans) 16th October
92Ans) nation of Vanuatu
93Ans) Roger Federer
94Ans) Shakib Al Hasan
95Ans) Maria Sharapova
96Ans) 17 October
97Ans) Kavita Devi
98Ans) Prabha Varma
99Ans) Hema Malini: Beyond the Dream Girl
100Ans) New Delhi

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