Current Affairs October 2016 Quiz - 6

51Colombian President ______________ won the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize today for his efforts to end the 52-year conflict with Marxist rebels. This is a surprising move as Colombians voted "No" to an agreement he signed with the rebels.
 A) Andres Prastana Arango
 B) Juan Manuel Santos
 C) Alvaro Uribe Velez
 D) Ernesto Saper Pizano
52U.S. employment growth unexpectedly slowed for the third straight month in September as payrolls increased by 156,000 compared to gains of 167,000 jobs in August. US unemployment rate increased by 0.1% to ____________% in the same month, which may impact Fed-s rate hike decision later this year.
 A) 5.5%
 B) 5 %
 C) 4%
 D) 6%

53World Vegetarian Day observed on _______ across the world to encourage new way of living and raise awareness to vegetarian lifestyle.
 A) 7-Oct
 B) 1-Oct
 C) 2-Oct
 D) 13-Oct
54The government has integrated _________ mandis in 10 states with the electronic national agriculture market (e-NAM) in the first phase as a part of e-NAM which was launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
 A) 245
 B) 250
 C) 260
 D) 240
55 Who has been appointed as the acting chief justice of the Jharkhand High Court?
 A) justice Virendra Singh
 B) Justice Pradip Kumar Mohanty
 C) Justice Rakesh Ranjan Prasad
 D)  Justice R. Banumathi
56Freedom fighter and _________ leader Ramesh Kulkarni passed away in Oct 2016 in Thane following a brief illness. He was 87.
 B) Congress
 C) CPI(M)
57The Reserve Bank of India has cut marginal standing facility (MSF) rate by 25 bps to  ________ during its monetary policy review meeting in Oct 2016.
 A) 7%
 B) 7.75%
 C) 6.75%
 D) 7.25%
58Manipur-based theatre legend _____________ passed away on 6th October 2016 in Imphal. He was 75.
 A) Heisnam Kanhailal
 B) Ratan Thiyam
 C) Numit Kappa
 D) Meidingu Bodhchandra
59Indian shooter _____________ won a silver medal in the 50-meter pistol event of the ISSF World Cup Final held at Bologna, Italy.
 A) Abhinav Bindra
 B) Gagan Narang
 C) Jitu Rai
 D) Vijay Kumar
60The Air Force Day 2016 was observed on ____________ across India to celebrate 84th foundation day of IAF.
 A) 7th October
 B) 8th October
 C) 9th October
 D) 10th October

51Ans) Juan Manuel Santos
52Ans) 5 %
53Ans) 1-Oct
54Ans) 250
55Ans) Justice Pradip Kumar Mohanty
56Ans) Congress
57Ans) 6.75%
58Ans) Heisnam Kanhailal
59Ans) Jitu Rai
60Ans) 8th October

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