Current Affairs October 2016 Quiz - 4

31Who is the new brand ambassador of Heritha Keralam (Green Kerela) Project?
 A) B K Joli
 B) K L Yesudas
 C) Kanchan Ajmani
 D)  Prajna Chowta
32The World Bank has projected India's GDP growth rate at ____________________for year 2016 and 7.7% for year 2017.
 A) 7.6%
 B) 7.9%
 C) 7.2%
 D) 7.5%

33"World Habitat Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 5-Oct
 B) 8-Oct
 C) 9-Oct
 D) 3-Oct
34The new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Ltd is _________________.
 A) Anil Dhirubai Ambani
 B) Mrs. Dipti Salgaocar
 C) Mrs. Nina Kothari
 D) Ashish Vohra
35The Nobel prize in ____________________ has been jointly won by three scientists (Jean-Pierre Sauvaga, sir J Fraser Stoddart and Bernard L. Feringa) for developing the molecular machine.
 A) Chemistry
 B) Physics
 C) Medicine
 D) Economics
36Who will be the next UN secretary general by replacing Ban-Ki -Moon at the beginning of the next year?
 A)  Hassan Rouhani
 B) Antonio Guterres
 C)  Xi Jinping
 D)  Kurt Waldheim
37The Reserve Bank of India has cut Reverse Repo rate by 25 bps to  ________ during its monetary policy review meeting in Oct 2016.
 A) 5.75%
 B) 5.5%
 C) 5.25%
 D) 6%
38World teacher-s day is observed on ______________________.
 A) 5th Saptember
 B) 5th February
 C) 5th October
 D) 5th June
39Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes.
 A) R K Tiwari
 B) Rani Singh Nair
 C) Shri Gopal Mukherjee
 D) Sushil Chandra
40The International Monetary Fund has raised projections for India-s economic growth by 0.2  percentage points to ________________ for 2016-17 and 2017-18.
 A) 7.6 %
 B) 7.2%
 C) 7.9%
 D) 7.8%

31Ans) K L Yesudas
32Ans) 7.6%
33Ans) 5-Oct
34Ans) Ashish Vohra
35Ans) Chemistry
36Ans) Antonio Guterres
37Ans) 5.75%
38Ans) 5th October
39Ans) Sushil Chandra
40Ans) 7.6 %

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