Current Affairs Octoberv 2016 Quiz - 22

211National Ayurveda Das is observed on _______________ .
A) 15th October
B) 29th October
C) 28th October
D) 12th October
212Dr.B.C Roy award have been given to ____________ in Oct 2016.
A)Pradip Guleria
B) Randeep Guleria
C) Prakash Dutt
D) M.Pathak

213________________ has been appointed as the chairman of Tata group for the 2nd time after replacing Cyrus Mistry after a boardroom meeting in Oct 2016.
A) S Ramadorai
B) Ratan Tata
C) Nusli Wadia
D) Noel Tata
214________________ has won the medal in an international roller Skating racing event at the ongoing Asian Championships in China for the first time.
A) America
B) India
C) Europe
D) Austrelia
215Economy of Bangladesh grew at a record of ___________% in the last financial year amid stronger industrial performance.
A) 5.5%
B) 7.11%
C) 7.19%
D) 7.5%
216Nadia Murad Basee and Lamiya aji Bashar, Escaped sexual enslavement by Islamic State of Iraq ans Syria (ISIS) in Iraq have won the _________________, Europe-s top human rights award.
A) P John
B) Sakharov prize
C) Liu Xiaobo
D) Jean Ziegler
217____________________ in Antarctica is declared as the world-s largest marine protected area (MPA) by delegates from 24 countries and European Union.
A) Bunaken Marine Park
B) The Gulf of Mexico region
C) Ross sea
D)  Cordell Bank,
218__________________, the oldest imperial family member in the world has passed away at the age of 100.
A) Prince K?jun
B) Prince Hitachi
C) Prince Mikasa
D) Prince Akshino
219The US economy grew by __________________% in the third quarter which is the fastest GDP growth in last two years. On quarterly basis, GDP growth stood at 0.7%.
A) 3.5%
B) 2.4%
C) 2.5%
D) 2.9 %
220India has been ranked at _____________ place among 183 nations in a new Global Youth Development Index compiled by the Commonwealth Secretariat on the countries' prospects for young people in employment, education, health, civic and political spheres.
A) 113th
B) 110th
C) 133th
D) 105th

211Ans) 28th October
212Ans) Randeep Guleria
213Ans) Ratan Tata
214Ans) India
215Ans) 7.11%
216Ans) Sakharov prize
217Ans) Ross sea
218Ans) Prince Mikasa
219Ans) 2.9 %
220Ans) 133th

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