Current Affairs October 2016 Quiz - 20

191Which country was ranked at No 1 place among 183 nations in a new Global Youth Development Index compiled by the Commonwealth Secretariat on the countries' prospects for young people in employment, education, health, civic and political spheres?
A) Switzerland
B) United Kingdom
C) Denmark
D) Germany
192 The new CEO of International Hockey Federation is______________.
A)  Joshi Mujica
B) Steve Smith
C) Jansan McCracken
D) Mitchell Marsh

193 Who has been awarded with the manbuooker prize 2016 for the book -The Sellout-?.
A) James Faulkner
B) Paul Beatty
C) Stephen King
D) Don DeLillo
194Legendary Footballer ______________ has passed away at the age of 72 at Rio janeiro, Brazil on 25 October 2016.
A) Lev Yashmin
B) Carlos Alberto Torres
C) Marco Van Basten
D) Johan Cruyff
195India has reached the rank ___________________(Climbing 21 spots) on the world economic forum-s Global Gender Gap Report 2016. Iceland tops the list followed by Finland, Norway and Sweden.
A) 85th
B) 87th
C) 80th
D) 70th
196According to the easy of doing business report 2017 of world bank India now ranks _____________ out of 190 countries. New Zealand overtook Singapore to become the easiest country to do business.
A) 135
B) 130
C) 120
D) 105th
197"World Polio Day" is observed on ____________.
A) 29-Oct
B) 18-Oct
C) 21-Oct
D) 24-Oct
198______________, CEO of Jaguar Land Rovar and N. Chandrasekaran, CEO and managing director TCS were appointed as additional directors to Tata sons board.
A) Ratan Tata
B) Ravi Kant
C) Ralf Speth
D) Andrew M Robb
199BSE Institute Ltd and _________________ of New Zeland has signed an agreement to offer programs at the under graduate and post graduate levels.
A) University of California
B) University of Harvard
C) University Cambridge
D) university of Otago
200_________________ was anointed as the "core" leader of China's ruling Communist Party, conferring on him a status similar to that of party founder 'Chairman' Mao Zedong.
A) Xi Pinking
B) Xi Jinping
C) Lin Biao
D) Hua Guofeng

191Ans) Germany
192Ans) Jansan McCracken
193Ans) Paul Beatty
194Ans) Carlos Alberto Torres
195Ans) 87th
196Ans) 130
197Ans) 24-Oct
198Ans) Ralf Speth
199Ans) university of Otago
200Ans) Xi Jinping

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