Current Affairs October 2016 Quiz - 2

11 Who is the new Chairman and Managing Director of state run Power Finance Corporation (PFC)?.
 A) Shri R. Nagarajan Director
 B) Shri Arun Kumar Verma
 C) Rajeeb Sharma
 D) Shri A K Agarwal
12Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in India on ________.
 A) 8-October
 B) 2-October
 C) 5-October
 D) 11-October

13World Heritage site ____________________ has been awarded as cleanest iconic place at Indian Sanitation Conference (INDOSAN).
 A) Fatehpur Sikri.
 B) Kaziranga National Park
 C) Bhimbetka Rockshelters.
 D) Rani ki Vav
14Which City  has been conferred as cleanest Tourism destination by Union Ministry of Tourism?.
 A) Shilong
 B) Simla
 C) Manali
 D) Gangtok
15____________________ has completed the world-s toughest race named as Spartathlon.
 A) Yiannis Kouros
 B) Scott Jurek
 C) Kieren Dsouza
 D) Stu Thoms
16______________________ will be the Chief Guest at Republic Day parade 2017 of India.
 A) President François Hollande
 B) President Barack Obama
 C) Seikh Mahmed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
 D) Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra
17_________________ has been concurrently accredited as the ambassador India to the Republic of Guinea and the Republic of cote d.lvoire.
 A) R Rabindra
 B) Sanjeeb Sharma
 C) P verma
 D) N Patel
18___________________ became the 62nd country to ratify Paris climate change agreement on 2nd October 2016 by submitting its instrument of ratification in New York.
 A) Bangladesh
 B) China
 C) Iran
 D) India
19Who has won the Korea open 2016 in Incheon, South Korea?
 A) Joko Suprianto
 B) Fung Permadi
 C) Gaganjeet Bhullar
 D) Chen Long
20International Day for Nor-violence is marked on _____________________.
 A) 1st November
 B) 31st January
 C) 2nd October
 D) 25th december

11Ans) Rajeeb Sharma
12Ans) 2-October
13Ans) Rani ki Vav
14Ans) Gangtok
15Ans) Kieren Dsouza
16Ans) Seikh Mahmed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
17Ans) R Rabindra
18Ans) India
19Ans) Gaganjeet Bhullar
20Ans) 2nd October

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