Current Affairs October 2016 Quiz - 19

181World Development information day was observed on _________________.
A) 25th October
B) 4th October
C) 24th October
D) 10th October
182World Egg Day was observed on _____________ 2015 as per the directives of International Egg Commission.
A) 7-Oct
B) 9-Oct
C) 2-Oct
D) 13-Oct

183________________ has unveiled a virtual assistant called Erica to learn consumers- personal spending habits and offers financial advice.
A) Bank of Baroda
B) Canada Bank
C) Bank of America
D) Bank of India
184________________, former president of Uruguay has passed away.
A) Joshi Mujica
B) Jorge Batlle
C) Tabare Vasquez
D) Jorge Battle
185After Sikkim, ________________ became the second Indian state to be declared as 'Open Defecation Free'.
A) Andhra Pradesh
B) Gujtat
C) Himachal Pradesh
D) Rajashthan
186The new chairperson of the Human rights Commission of Jammu & Kashmir is ____________.
A) V. Shanmuganathan
B) Najma Heptulla
C) Bilal Nazki
D) Kalikho Pul
187"UN Day" is observed on ____________.
A) 18-Oct
B) 24-Oct
C) 22-Oct
D) 23-Oct
188The Uttarpradesh govt has declared the list of ____________________ personalities of Yash Bharati awards 2016.
A) 50
B) 52
C) 54
D) 53
189The U-17 FIFA World will be held in ______________ from October 6 next year.
A) Brazil
B) India
C) Austrelia
D) Pakisthan
190__________________, chief Air Chief Marshal of Indian Air force has began his visit Russia for cooperation between the air forces of two countries to the next level.
A) Pradeep Vasant Naik
B) Fali Homi Major
C) Arup Raha
D) Anil Kumar Browne

181Ans) 24th October
182Ans) 9-Oct
183Ans) Bank of America
184Ans) Jorge Batlle
185Ans) Himachal Pradesh
186Ans) Bilal Nazki
187Ans) 24-Oct
188Ans) 54
189Ans) India
190Ans) Arup Raha

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