Current Affairs October 2016 Quiz - 16

151Russia-s state-controlled oil giant _______________ and its partners acquired India-s second biggest private oil firm Essar Oil in an all-cash deal of USD 13 billion recently, also becomes the largest FDI deal ever for India.
A) Nobel oil group
B) Sinopec
C) Rosneft
D) Pertamina
152India's third largest IT Services Company ______________ acquired cloud services company Appirio for USD 500 million, its second biggest acquisition so far.
D) Wipro

153The __________________ achieved its best FIFA ranking in last six years when India's ranking jumped by 11 places to be at 137th in the latest ranking released today.
A) Indian Cricket Team
B) Indian Hockey Team
C) Indian football team
D) Indian Badminton Team
154______________ government has terminated services of 12 employees for allegedly indulging in anti-national activities after dossiers were prepared against them.
A) Maharashtra
B) Andhrapradesh
C) Jammu and Kashmir
D) West bengal
155Who was arrested for the death of 21 people in the fire mishap of SUM Hospital in Bhubaneswar?.
A) Prakash Bhatt
B) Manoj Nayak
C) Manoj Pathak
D) Vijay Kumar
156World Polio Day was observed across the world on ___________ to create awareness about the disease which mainly affects young children of age below 5.
A) 18-October
B) 22-October
C) 24-October
D) 28-October
157The World Statistics Day was observed across the world on ___________.
A) 2 September
B) 20 October
C) 25 October
D) 29 September
158The newly appointed member of the US department of Homelad Security-s Academic Advisor Councilis __________.
A) Renu khator
B) Benu Khator
C) Dr. Carol Leary
D) Eric Barron
159 Who has won the international Prize in Statistics?.
A) Philippe Perrin
B) Sir David Cox
C)  Anna Wilkinson
D)  Mirjam Tuk
160Which country won the Men's Asian Champions Trophy hockey title held in Oct 2016?
A) India
B) Japan
C) Pakistan
D) South Korea

151Ans) Rosneft
152Ans) Wipro
153Ans) Indian football team
154Ans) Jammu and Kashmir
155Ans) Manoj Nayak
156Ans) 24-October
157Ans) 20 October
158Ans) Renu khator
159Ans) Sir David Cox
160Ans) India

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