Current Affairs October 2016 Quiz - 15

141China-s Economy Grew by __________ in the third quarter of the current year. This growth rate is same as the previous two quarters.
A) 6.8%
B) 9.5%
C) 6.7%
D) 5.7%
142The World Bank has pledged 2 billion US dollars aid to Bangladesh to_________________.
A)  tackle climate change
B)  tackle internal problems
C)  tackle weather Change
D)  tackle terrorist attack

143who is the new chairman of Mitsubishi motor corp as Japan-s second biggest auto maker?.
A) Ken Kobeyshi
B) Kazuyuki Masu
C) Carlos Ghosn
D) Eichi Tanabe
144________________, the CEO of visa has resigned from his post.
A) Lynne Biggar
B) Alfred F. Kelly,
C) Charles Scharf
D) Ryan McInerney
145India and_______________ have agreed for close security coordination in border areas keeping in view the sensitivity of each other-s strategic interests.
A) Indonesia
B) Malayasia
C)  Myanmar
D) Mizoram
146Indian Online travel rivals MakeMyTrip and ________________ have announced their merger to create one of the leading travel groups in India. South Africa-s Naspers and China-s Tencent Holdings will sell their entire stake in ibibo Group to MakeMyTrip in exchange for an issuance of new shares by MakeMyTrip.
A) Forbes
B) ibibo Group
C) Acquire Group
D) Future Group
147"UN International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction" is observed on ____________.
A) 14-Oct
B) 11-Oct
C) 19-Oct
D) 13-Oct
148 Who has been elected as the new president of north zone urology Society of India.
A) S.M Yadav
B) S.P Yadav
C) P.K Gupta
D) M Shrivastab
149India and _________________ has signed an agreement to lease out a second Russian Akula-2 class nuclear-powered submarine to the Indian Navy.
A) Japan
B) Russia
C) China
D) Italy
150"World Standard Day" is observed on ____________.
A) 15-Oct
B) 10-Oct
C) 22-Oct
D) 11-Oct

141Ans) 6.7%
142Ans) tackle climate change
143Ans) Carlos Ghosn
144Ans) Charles Scharf
145Ans) Myanmar
146Ans) ibibo Group
147Ans) 13-Oct
148Ans) S.P Yadav
149Ans) Russia
150Ans) 14-Oct

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