Current Affairs October 2016 Quiz - 11

101_______________, king of Thailand has passed away at the age of 88.
A) Srirasmi Suwadee
B) Soamsawali Kitiyakara
C) Bhumibol Adulyadej
D) Virayudh Tishyasarin
102"National Post day" is observed on ____________.
A) 15-Oct
B) 10-Oct
C) 22-Oct
D) 11-Oct

103The 193 member states of the General Assembly adopted the resolution by acclamation to appoint ____________ as the 9th U.N. Secretary-General.
A) Javier Pérez de Cuéllar
B) Guterres
C) Kofi Annan
D) Ban Ki-Moon
104______________ was observed annually on 14th October with the theme of 2016 as --Standards Build Trust-.
A) World poetry Day
B) World Standards Day
C) World Sparrow Day
D) International Day of Happines
105"World Statistics Day" is observed on ____________.
A) 27-Oct
B) 24-Oct
C) 20-Oct
D) 23-Oct
106Nobel laureate playwright and actor _______________, famous for his cutting political satire in plays such as The Accidental Death of an Anarchist, passed away. He was 90.
A) Harold Pinter
B) Ben Jonson
C) Dario Fo
D) David Garrik
107____________________of Rashtradoot Saptahik has been elected President of the Indian Newspaper Society.
A) Mr. Ravindra Kumar
B) Somesh Sharma
C)  Mr. Kiran B Vadodaria
D) Ashish Bagga
108India-s overall Inflation, measured by the Wholesale Price Index, eased to 3.57% in September this year due to lower prices of food items, especially vegetables. Food inflation slowed to ___________, compared to 8.2% om previous month.
A) 7.6%
B) 5.5%
C) 4.5%
D) 6.5%
109Famous writer and litterateur _______________, passed away at his residence in Bhowali near Nainital in Uttarakhand on 14th October. He was 88.
A) Benojir Ahmed
B) Abul Fazal
C) Dayanand Anant
D) Anwar Pasha
110World Osteoporosis day is observed on _____________ across the world.
A) 1st October
B) 11th October
C) 20th October
D) 22nd October

101Ans) Bhumibol Adulyadej
102Ans) 10-Oct
103Ans) Guterres
104Ans) World Standards Day
105Ans) 20-Oct
106Ans) Dario Fo
107Ans) Somesh Sharma
108Ans) 5.6%
109Ans) Dayanand Anant
110Ans) 20th October

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