Current Affairs October 2015 Quiz - 6

51Which country has been ranked the most attractive investment destination in the world for the next three years, as per an EY Survey published in Oct 2015?
 A) Brazil
 B) China
 C) India
 D) UK
52India's Index of Industrial Production (IIP), the most important parameter to judge performance of industrial sector, growth stood at ________ in Augist 2015 (published in Oct 2015).
 A) 6.4%
 B) 2.6%
 C) 4.2%
 D) 3.8%

53"World Nature Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 4-Oct
 B) 8-Oct
 C) 9-Oct
 D) 3-Oct
54India's overall inflation, measured by the Wholesale Price Index (WPI), stood at _______ in Sep 2015 (announced in Oct 2015).
 A) -2.4%
 B) -4.54%
 C) -4.05%
 D) -3.65%
55Global Credit Rating Agency Fitch Ratings has cut _____________'s credit rating to the brink of junk and warned that it could soon lose its investment grade rating due to deteriorating of government finances in Oct 2015.
 A) Russia
 B) Italy
 C) Brazil
 D) South Africa
56Global tech giant ______________ has acquired VMWare Inc, subsidiary of EMC Corporation, for around USD 67 billion in Oct 2015 which makes it-s the biggest tech deal in the history.
 A) Microsoft
 C) Dell Inc
 D) Lenovo
57Who assumed additional charge as the Chairman and Managing Director of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) in Oct 2015?
 A) Pramod Jain
 B) Sriram Venkataraman
 C) Anup K Pujari
 D) N Venugopala Rao
58India-s DRDO Missile Complex in ____________ was renamed as Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar during an event at Research Centre Imarat on the occasion of the 84th Birth Anniversary of Dr Kalam, the Missile Man, in Oct 2015.
 A) Bangalore
 B) Hyderabad
 C) Chennai
 D) Pune
59The Association for Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), the industry body for mutual funds, has appointed ___________ of UTI AMC as its new Chairman in Oct 2015.
 A) A Balasubramanian
 B) Sundeep Sikka
 C) Leo Puri
 D) None of These
60The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has formed a single Financial Inclusion Fund (FIF) with a corpus of ___________ which was formed merging the Financial Inclusion Fund (FIF) and Financial Inclusion Technology Fund (FITF) in Oct 2015.
 A) Rs 1000 crore
 B) Rs 2000 crore
 C) Rs 1500 crore
 D) Rs 3000 crore

51Ans) India
52Ans) 6.4%
53Ans) 3-Oct
54Ans) -4.54%
55Ans) Brazil
56Ans) Dell Inc
57Ans) Anup K Pujari
58Ans) Hyderabad
59Ans) Leo Puri
60Ans) Rs 2000 crore

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