Current Affairs October 2013 Quiz - 5

41The Reserve Bank today set up a three-member committee headed by whom to scrutinise applications for new bank licences in Oct 2013?
A) Arvind Mayaram
B) Urijit Patel
C) Bimal Jalan
D) B. Sambamurthy
42India and _________ have launched major co-operation in power sector with the launch of two projects - a 500 MW grid and 1320 megawatt Maitri MW Thermal station in Oct 2013.
A) Nepal
B) Bhutan
C) Bangladesh
D) Myanmar
43Who took over as the new Chairman and Managing Director of Corporation Bank in Oct 2013?
A) Ashok Reddy Nukala
B) S.R. Bansal
C) Rajendra Kumar Saraf
D) Umesh Chand Asawa
44Who on the 9th MTB Himalaya 2013 cycle race which was held in Oct 2013?
A) Purna Bahadur Pradhan
B) Luis Leao Pinto
C) Surendra Singh
D) None of These
45Which Indian Pharma company and USA based Intrexon Corporation have announced setting up a joint venture in Oct 2013 to develop controllable gene-based therapies for the treatment of eye diseases?
A) Ranbaxy
B) Dr Reddy's Laboratory
C) Aurobindo Pharma
D) Sun Pharmaceutical
46Who have been jointly awarded Nobel Prize for Physics 2013 for their work on theory of Higgs boson, the 'God particle' announced in Oct 2013?
A) Michael Levitt, Martin Karplus and Arieh Warshel
B) James Rothman, Randy Schekman and Thomas Suedhof
C) Peter Higgs and Francois Englert
D) Lars Peter Hansen, Eugene Fama and Robert Shiller
47Who secured first place in the men-s tennis rankings issued by the ATP in Oct 2013?
A) Roger Federer
B) Andy Murray
C) Novak Djokovic
D) Rafael Nadal
48"World Nature Day" is observed on ____________.
A) 4-Oct
B) 8-Oct
C) 9-Oct
D) 3-Oct
49Popular ________ actor Srihari passed away at Lilavati hospital in Mumbai in Oct 2013.
A) Marathi
B) Tamil
C) Telugu
D) Malayalam
50Which organization won the Nobel peace prize 2013 (announced in Oct 2013)?
A) European Union
B) Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
D) Red Cross

Check below for answers.........
41Ans) Bimal Jalan
42Ans) Bangladesh
43Ans) S.R. Bansal
44Ans) Luis Leao Pinto
45Ans) Sun Pharmaceutical
46Ans) Peter Higgs and Francois Englert
47Ans) Rafael Nadal
48Ans) 3-Oct
49Ans) Telugu
50Ans) Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons