Current Affairs October 2013 Quiz - 21

201Who topped the Fortune magazine-s global list of top-50 women business leaders published in Oct 2013?
 A) Guler Sabanci
 B) Maria Das Gracas Foster
 C) Gail Kelly
 D) None of These
202Private life insurer PNB MetLife has appointed whom as Managing Director of the company in oct 2013?
 A) Deepak Mehrotra
 B) Rajeev Chopra
 C) Tarun Chugh
 D) A. Krishnakumar
203Which Indian Cricketer was banned for 18 months from all forms of cricket in Oct 2013 after being found guilty of consuming a banned anabolic steroid by the BCCI-s Anti-Doping Tribunal?
 A) Pradeep Sangwan
 B) Siddharth Trivedi
 C) Amit Singh
 D) Harmeet Singh
204Which country retained the top position in the global Gender Gap Index published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Oct 2013?
 A) Iceland
 B) Sweden
 C) Norway
 D) Switzerland
205India has retained its _______ position after South Africa and England in the latest ICC Test rankings published in Oct 2013.
 A) First
 B) Second
 C) Third
 D) Fourth
206Which US Comedian was honoured with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in Oct 2013?
 A) Carol Burnett
 B) Tina Fey
 C) Tony Bennett
 D) Jim Carrey
207India was ranked at ______ position on a global Gender Gap Index dpublished by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum (WEF) in Oct 2013.
 A) 106th
 B) 101st
 C) 92nd
 D) 121st
208"World Osteoporosis Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 27-Oct
 B) 24-Oct
 C) 20-Oct
 D) 23-Oct
209The RBI has decreased the Marginal Standing Facility, MSF rate by 25 bps to ______ during its monetary policy review in Oct 2013.
 A) 9.5%
 B) 10%
 C) 8.75%
 D) 9.75%
210Famous Malayalam ________ K Raghavan passed away in Oct 2013.
 A) Actor
 B) Writer
 C) Politician
 D) Music Director

Check below for answers.........
201Ans) Maria Das Gracas Foster
202Ans) Tarun Chugh
203Ans) Pradeep Sangwan
204Ans) Iceland
205Ans) Third
206Ans) Carol Burnett
207Ans) 101st
208Ans) 20-Oct
209Ans) 8.75%
210Ans) Music Director