Current Affairs October 2013 Quiz - 2

11Which country has topped the global chart of remittances with a whopping USD 71 billion in remittances in 2013?
 A) China
 B) Philippines
 C) Mexico
 D) India
12ECB has kept its benchmark interest rate on hold at ________ in Oct 2013.
 A) 0.5%
 B) 0.25%
 C) 0.75%
 D) 1%
13Which University has been named the world's top university by the Times Higher Education Global Ranking published in Oct 2013?
 A) Harvard University
 B) Stanford University
 C) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 D) California Institute of Technology
14Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in India on ________.
 A) 8-October
 B) 2-October
 C) 5-October
 D) 11-October
15Who has been appointed chairman of Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank (KVGB), a regional rural bank sponsored by Syndicate Bank, in Oct 2013?
 A) Ashok Reddy Nukala
 B) S.R. Bansal
 C) Rajendra Kumar Saraf
 D) Umesh Chand Asawa
16Which group acquired an iconic gothic country house in Windsor in the UK for 27 million pounds in Oct 2013?
 A) Sahara group
 B) Tata Sons
 C) ITC Hotels
 D) Leela Group
17Which country announced that it is pulling out of the Commonwealth with immediate effect in Oct 2013?
 A) Libya
 B) Zimbabwe
 C) Gambia
 D) Sudan
18"International Day of Non-Violence" is observed on ____________.
 A) 5-Oct
 B) 8-Oct
 C) 2-Oct
 D) 1-Oct
19Which IT Company acquire ValueSource NV, a subsidiary of Belgium-based integrated bank insurance group KBC, as part of a five-year contract with the group in Oct 2013?
 A) Cognizant
 C) Infosys
 D) Wipro
20Tom Clancy passed away in Baltimore, USA in Oct 2013. He was a famous ________.
 A) Economist
 B) Director
 C) Actor
 D) Thriller Novel Writer

Check below for answers.........
11Ans) India
12Ans) 0.5%
13Ans) California Institute of Technology
14Ans) 2-October
15Ans) Ashok Reddy Nukala
16Ans) Sahara group
17Ans) Gambia
18Ans) 2-Oct
19Ans) Cognizant
20Ans) Thriller Novel Writer