Current Affairs October 2013 Quiz - 16

151Who was unanimously elected as the president of the Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) for a four-year term in Oct 2013?
 A) Dinesh Reddy
 B) Ranjib Biswal
 C) Rajeev Shukla
 D) Kanwar Deep Singh
152Which global mining giant has confirmed that it was pulling out of nine oil and gas exploration projects in India in Oct 2013 due to their inability to carry out exploration operations in these blocks because of bureaucratic hurdles and disagreements with the Government.
 A)  BHP Billiton
 C) Rio Tinto
 D) None of These
153"World Thrift Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 27-Oct
 B) 24-Oct
 C) 31-Oct
 D) 23-Oct
154Which country has turned down membership of the UN Security Council, a day after it won the seat in Oct 2013?
 A) Palestine
 B) Kuwait
 C) Saudi Arabia
 D) Syria
155Who became the first Indian to win silver at the 2013 ITTF Para table tennis Asian regional championships held in Beijing in Oct 2013?
 A) Dipika Pallikal
 B) Joshna Chinappa
 C) Kalpana Devi
 D) Bhavina Hashmukhbhai Patel
156Who received the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought at Strasbourg, France in Oct 2013?
 A) Aung Suu Kyi
 B) Nelson Mandela
 C) Jacob Zuma
 D) None of These
157Who became fastest century scorer (in 52 balls) of India in One day International (ODI) matches while playing against Australia in Oct 2013?
 A) Rohit Sharma
 B) Shikhar Dhawan
 C) Virat Kohli
 D) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
158Who was awarded the first founders- award from the Elton John AIDS Foundation in New York in October 2013 for his/her work to help HIV/AIDS victims?
 A) Bill Gates
 B) John Kerry
 C) Hilary Clinton
 D) None of These
159Nobel Laureate Lawrence R Klein passed away in Gladwyne, near Philadelphia in Oct 2013. He won nobel prize in which field in 1980?
 A) Medicine
 B) Chemistry
 C) Physics
 D) Economics
160Who has been appointed as the Managing Director and CEO of Philips Electronics India Ltd in Oct 2013?
 A) Deepak Mehrotra
 B) Rajeev Chopra
 C) Amit Laroya
 D) A. Krishnakumar

Check below for answers.........
151Ans) Kanwar Deep Singh
152Ans) BHP Billiton
153Ans) 31-Oct
154Ans) Saudi Arabia
155Ans) Bhavina Hashmukhbhai Patel
156Ans) Aung Suu Kyi
157Ans) Virat Kohli
158Ans) Hilary Clinton
159Ans) Economics
160Ans) A. Krishnakumar