Current Affairs October 2013 Quiz - 14

131Which Indians Squash player won the Macau Open title at Macau, China held in Oct 2013 and also became the first Indian woman to break into the top 10 in the WSA rankings?
 A) Dipika Pallikal
 B) Joshna Chinappa
 C) Kalpana Devi
 D) None of These
132Which teams have been declared joint winners of the Duleep Cup cricket Trophy this year in Oct 2013?
 A) West Zone and South Zone
 B) North Zone and South Zone
 C) West Zone and North Zone
 D) East Zone and South Zone
133The proposed aviation venture of TATA with Singapore Airlines (SIA) has got corporate Affairs  Ministry-s approval to use the name -Tata SIA Airlines Ltd" in Oct 2013. Tata Group will hold ______ stake in the company while the rest will be held by Singapore Airlines.
 A) 74%
 B) 49%
 C) 51%
 D) 60%
134Jailed RJD chief Lalu Prasad has been disqualified as Lok Sabha members for total of _________ following their conviction in the fodder scam in Oct 2013.
 A) 4 years
 B) 11 years
 C) 5 years
 D) 12 years
135US unemployment rate stood at ______ in September 2013 (announced in Oct 2013).
 A) 8.1%
 B) 7.4%
 C) 7.2%
 D) 7.5%
136Publishing giant Pearson has appointed whom as the new Managing Director for its India business in Oct 2013?
 A) Deepak Mehrotra
 B) Rajeev Chopra
 C) Tarun Chugh
 D) A. Krishnakumar
137The first unit of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant was synchronised with the southern power grid in Oct 2013. This Nuclear power plan was built under collaboration with which country?
 B) France
 C) Japan
 D) Russia
138Which Indian City has been ranked as the country-s top business destination in terms of infrastructure, human capital, city culture and basic quality of living, as per a new survey, conducted DTZ in Oct 2013?
 A) Mumbai
 B) Pune
 C) Bangalore
 D) Chennai
139Who has been appointed as the regular Chief Justice of Madras High Court in Oct 2013?
 A) Rajesh Kumar Agrawal
 B) R. Mahadevan
 C) Lakshmi Kanta Mohapatra
 D) None of These
140"World Development Information Day" is observed on ____________.
 A) 27-Oct
 B) 24-Oct
 C) 28-Oct
 D) 23-Oct

Check below for answers.........
131Ans) Dipika Pallikal
132Ans) North Zone and South Zone
133Ans) 51%
134Ans) 11 years
135Ans) 7.2%
136Ans) Deepak Mehrotra
137Ans) Russia
138Ans) Bangalore
139Ans) Rajesh Kumar Agrawal
140Ans) 24-Oct