Current Affairs October 2013 Quiz - 10

91Who won Nobel Prize 2013 in literature for her short stories that focus on the frailties of the human condition (announced in Oct 2013)?
 A) Eleanor Catton
 B) Lorrie Moore
 C) Alice Munro
 D) Margaret Atwood
92Who won the European Union's (EU) Sakharov human rights prize 2013 (announced in Oct 2013)?
 A) Nasrin Sotoudeh
 B) Malala Yousafzai
 C) Jafar Panahi
 D) None of These
93Who has been appointed as Deputy Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of State Bank of India in Oct 2013?
 A) Ashok Reddy Nukala
 B) S.R. Bansal
 C) Rajendra Kumar Saraf
 D) Sunil Singhania
94What is the name of the cyclone which hit coastal Odisha and Andhra Pradesh with win speed of more than 200 Km/hr in Oct 2013 and devasted the area?
 A) Phailin
 B) Nilam
 C) Haiyan
 D) Thane
95Who was named to lead the UN's joint mission with the chemical weapons watchdog tasked with eliminating Syria's arsenal in Oct 2013?
 A) Helen Clark
 B) Sigrid Kaag
 C) José Bustani
 D) Ahmet Üzümcü
96Which Internet company acquired tech company Bread, a URL shortner that allows users to design then target advertisements to readers who click on their links in Oct 2013?
 A) Yahoo
 B) Google
 C) Microsoft
 D) Facebook
97China-s inflation, measured by the consumer price index (CPI), stood at _____ year-on-year in September (announced in Oct 2013).
 A) 2.6%
 B) 3.8%
 C) 3.1%
 D) 4.2%
98Who was conferred with the Indira Gandhi Award 2012 for National Integration (announced in Oct 2013)?
 A) M.S Subbulakshmi
 B) M.S Swaminathan
 C) Aruna Asaf Ali
 D) P.N Haksar
99Who maintained first place in the women-s tennis rankings issued by the ATP in Sep 2013?
 A) Maria Sharapova
 B) Serena Williams
 C) Victoria Azarenka
 D) Agnieszka Radwanska
100Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of Indian Oil Corporation in Oct 2013?
 A) SB Nayar
 B) S Varadarajan
 C) R K Singhon
 D) B Ashok

Check below for answers.........
91Ans) Alice Munro
92Ans) Malala Yousafzai
93Ans) Rajendra Kumar Saraf
94Ans) Phailin
95Ans) Sigrid Kaag
96Ans) Yahoo
97Ans) 3.1%
98Ans) M.S Swaminathan
99Ans) Serena Williams
100Ans) B Ashok