Current Affairs October 2012 Quiz – 9

81 Telecom company Softbank Corp has announced that it will acquire up to 70% in US based mobile services provider Sprint Nextel Corp for nearly USD 20.1 billion in October 2012. Softbank Corp is based out of?
  A) Germany
  B) UK
  C) China
  D) Japan
82 Recently Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has officially launched Aadhar enabled Service Delivery to transfer subsidy directly. In which state it was launched?
  A) Haryana
  B) Maharashtra
  C) Rajasthan
  D) New Delhi
83 India’s food inflation for September stood at?
  A) 7.86%
  B) 9.14%
  C) 7.81%
  D) 10.22%
84 Chinese inflation for September stood at?
  A) 2.3%
  B) 1.5%
  C) 1.9%
  D) 2.8%
85 Who has been appointed as the new Director General of the Central Reserve Police Force in October 2012?
  A) K.Vijay Kumar
  B) Pranay Sahay
  C) Harish Meena
  D) None of These
86 US coffee chain giant Starbucks with collaboration of Tata Global Beverages (TGBL) has opened their India’s first Starbucks coffee outlet in which city in October 2012?
  A) Hyderabad
  B) Bangalore
  C) New Delhi
  D) Mumbai
87 4th OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) World Forum  was recently held in?
  A) New Delhi
  B) Sanghai
  C) Paris
  D) New York
88 Recently Indian Hotels Company Ltd (IHCL) has made a bid of USD 1.42 billion in order to acquire US luxury hotels group Orient-Express Hotels in October 2012. Indian Hotels company belongs to which Hotel group of India?
  A) Leela Group
  B) Oberoi Group
  C) Tata Sons
  D) ITC Group
89 “UN International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction” is observed on?
  A) 1st October
  B) 21st October
  C) 8th October
  D) 13th October
90 After recent cabinet reshuffle in October 2012, famous Telegu actor Chiranjeevi is made the MoS (independent charge) of which sector?
  A) Power
  B) corporate affairs
  C) Railways
  D) Tourism


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