Current Affairs October 2012 Quiz – 8

71 The Group of Ministers (GoM) headed by whom has cleared the Land Acquisition Bill?
A) A K Anthony
B) P Chidambaram
C) Sharad Pawar
D) Kapil Sibal
72 Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley have been awarded with the 2012 Nobel Prize in economics. They are from which country?
C) France
D) None of These
73 “World Food Day” is observed on?
A) 16th October
B) 26th October
C) 6th October
D) 9th October
74 Who has won the 2012 Booker prize for novel “Bring up the Bodies”?
A) Jeet Thayil
B) Michael Frayn
C) Hilary Mantel
D) Deborah Levy
75 Which Country has recently reinstated its engagement with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi after nearly 10 years?
A) Japan
B) Germany
D) Hungary
76 Yahoo has appointed whom as its next chief operating officer (COO) in October 2012?
A) Fred Amoroso
B) Marissa Mayer
C) Ross Levinsohn
D) Henrique de Castro
77 After recent cabinet reshuffle in October 2012, Jyotiraditya Scindia is made the MoS (independent charge) of which sector?
A) Power
B) corporate affairs
C) Railways
D) Tourism
78 Global tech giant Apple has recently opened its largest store in China. In which city the store was opened?
A) Sanghai
B) Beijing
C) Hong Kong
D) None of These
79 Who is CEO of IBM?
A) Meg Whitman
B) Patricia A. Woertz
C) Irene B. Rosenfeld
D) Virginia M. Rometty
80 Who has won the Indian Grand Prix held in October 2012?
A) Fernando Alonso
B) Kimi Raikkonen
C) Sebastian Vettel
D) Lewis Hamilton


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